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Author Topic: Avatar and Item Critiques! (Helpful tips for working in the 'default' style)  (Read 921 times)

Offline Kaelin'yFiae

Whoops! I think I may have posted this in the wrong place, sorry about that. - Kaelin'yFiae


Introduction (excerpt from the webpage)
"We are individuals sharing our experiences in making default(official style) avatars for the MMORPG Furcadia. Artists are encouraged to submit their works in progress and finished avatars and patch items for critique.

Please be prepared for an honest (and public!) critique. You may not like what you hear! We will give you what we know, an experienced eye and the know-how from our combined years of avatar work. Stylistic and technical.

This is not a tutorial page! It is dedicated to honest critique on how to make a 'default' style avatar. You recieve critique from the individuals who actually work on official avatars. This information is not intended for 'non-default' style avatars, and is not intended to demean them in any way. We're not saying you should do it our way, be all means be creative and try new things!
We are offering help with how to do Furcadia default style pixel art and all art we choose to review will be posted here and reviewed in regards to the default style guidelines.

Some submissions may be declined, (this should really only happen if I feel the item can't be properly critiqued, for instance, it would be less beneficial to critique some images, as opposed to others. We must spend our time wisely!).

Please note that this is not an official Furcadia page, I use 'official' in regards to the style of art we are reviewing."

This is a webpage I've set aside to help build the material for a thorough avatar tutorial, put together by a group of artists. These critiques are intended to help you learn how to do Furcadia patches in the 'default' style (this is the style official Furcadia items and avatars are done in), but please keep in mind this is not an official project. This is something I'm doing in my free time because I've been asked frequently to help artists with their avatars. I have invited a few other artists who have experience with official work to help me.

Artists Involved
As of the moment it's just me, with occasional appearances by other people (this is at their discretion, a 'whenever they feel like it' thing) so I wouldn't expect too much more involvement!)
Though I appreciate offers to help, the list of artists giving critiques is by invite only, to keep the critiques as accurate as possible (based on making your art look more like the default Furcadia art). If you weren't invited, please don't be offended!

Submitting Patches
The idea is, you can submit your patch art here in this thread, unwatermarked please, and it will be posted on the page with a brief but helpful critique about what you're doing right, and tips for what you need to work on.

1. Post in this thread with a link to a file or image of what you would like critiqued. Please don't watermark it.

2. Not all patches will be reviewed, this is because some reviews may be more helpful than others. (For instance, resources may be better spent on reviewing a complete item as opposed to a plain unshaded box). I have to balance my time spent doing this!
3. Patches are critiqued based on default style and technical guidelines. For instance, if you ask me to critique a 'balto' style avatar, I will, but I may give you technical tips that conflict with the style, I may suggest stylistic changes. This is about how to work in the DEFAULT STYLE. Though that doesn't mean you can't learn from it if you choose to draw in a more cartoony style.
4. I would like to emphasize that it is only here to help you learn to make patches in the default style, and is not a reflection on how the other patch styles are done. Please, feel free to experiment in everything you do! Helpful technical tips will be offered here.
5. You may not like the critiques you get. I will make an effort to keep personal preference out of the critiques.
6. If you submit a patch, you are also asked to leave out your personal preferences about how patches are done, and to be open minded about the critiques you receive.
7. Just because I've said it in the critique doesn't mean it's set in stone. I make errors too, what I am offering is a little experience and technical know-how that I have learned over the last couple of years, that may also help you develop your own style and learn to draw in the correct angle.
8. Avatars and items are best, but I will allow submissions of skins and portraits (these may not get critiqued, because I have less experience with them, and therefore not as much to offer).
9. If you're not comfortable with the above guidelines, don't submit your patch!

All patch submissions are appreciated! By offering to have your patch critiqued, you're helping to build up the material to make a thorough avatar tutorial in the future.
Accepting critiques is a good step to becoming a better artist, in all fields. This, like all aspects of art, is something that requires practice. It's not always easy to accept feedback! If you can let another artist critique your work, good for you! You're on the road to better art!