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Author Topic: Camy's Reviews  (Read 798 times)

Offline Camy

Camy's Reviews
«: June 02, 2009, 06:54:34 PM»
People I've Commissioned

  • DrKarayua [1 nonremap port] - The port came out fantastic for my ram character, Chestor.  The pose and everything was spot on, especially got Chestor's personality too!  Definitely recommend him for male ports.

  • Vivi (aka Vikktoria) [1 Character Sheet {Classic}] - I'm so glad I had enough to get one with color.  I didn't have no reference at all but she nailed Amadi right on the head.  I gave her freedom with the spots and his fur.  She even gave some features to the jacket, pants, lighter, and boots that made it even more kickass.  I recommend her fully for any reference sheet since she has quite the imagination.