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Author Topic: THEME CONTEST  (Read 757 times)

Offline Albn0

«: June 03, 2009, 10:42:19 AM»
Hey guys. Well to make it short I want to do something special for a special someone. I myself am not able to do artwork well, and so I have decided to host a theme contest; the theme is very specific but we will get to that later. Anywho. I want to surprise them with some artwork that as a person, they find appealing, stuff that they like. The rules are fairly simple which will follow this as well, there is no huge disclaimer, but I will explain the basics.

Anyone who does not win has the choice to either keep the artwork for themselves; resell or any other form wished for the piece. I only need one, and it would not be right of me to keep your hard work for nothing, so you as an artist entering this contest have every right to the art, not myself, unless you are the winner receiving the grand price, where I will then receive the winning entry.

Sounds simple right? I'm not trying to complicate things so if anyone has a better idea feel free to PM me it. Also, if you have any inquires you may PM me. So are you still interested?

End Date: July 31st, may be extended
Winning prize: Life Unicorn and 15/20 GD/Paypal - Cash prize will go up as art quality goes up


* Do not copy from other artwork(Getting idea's is fine, but fully copying will get you disqualified)
* The winning entry is not to be resold, or redistributed. The winning entry is final.
* No late entries, however I may consider just purchasing one or two off current entries, or late entries that did not win.
* Do not criticize any others entry on my thread, unless they do not care and want criticism. (Be respectful, please)
* If anyone notices an entry that highly and too closely resembles a copyrighted piece of artwork, please inform me.
* Have fun, no need to rush.

About the Theme

The theme will include skulls, scorpions and snakes. You may add additional things.

Swords/knives/katana's, ect...
Roses/flowers, ect...
Water/blood/lava, ect...

That is only a short list of the possibilities and flexibility given for the theme. You may consult me through PM if you would like to inquire about a specific item/setting that was not listed here to have it fully approved, but overall the list given, I think it gives a clear idea of what I'm wanting to see.

Backgrounds are fully optional although it is a plus.

If possible, I would like anyone entering to blow up the image, or have it in a form to which can be framed. - It does not have to be too large, just something that can be framed. Any media is accepted, whether you choose oil paints, charcoals, pens, markers, whatever. It is all accepted and will be equally reviewed. I would like it shipped to me, I can pay for any additional fee's so that you do not have to.

To enter please post here that you want to, so that I can add you to the list. If you wish to be removed just PM me and I will clear you from the contest.

It is also purely optional if you want to post a preview of your entry directly on this thread, or PM it to me.