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Author Topic: Desc/Story Commishes!  (Read 649 times)

Offline PDairas

Desc/Story Commishes!
«: June 07, 2009, 08:01:27 AM»
So, well, to start at all: I am open for commissions!
Though, I can only accept Furcadia DragonScales for now. PayPal hates me *sulk*

Description - 5 SD (~740 characters, useable on Furcadia)
Uselessness; frailness; womanhood. Semispherical hearing tools protruded on immaculately ivory headfur always pointed upwards, though compromised by eyes barely ever lifted, inconspicuous facial features giving crowd-melting abilities. Diminutive despite obviously mature development body attired in emerald; dress exposing backside, though keeping bosom well-covered. Upper limbs exposed, save for wing-like bands of silken cloth from elbow to wrist; each holding a distinctive secret. Naught is covered below knee level but feet, and only in high-heeled shoes, merely adding an inch or two to the woman's height; useless and frail.

Be it a human girl, or be it a bunny - the femme of bright skin is a mixture of both. Artificial lapine ears and tail of white fur adorn short lavender hair of no real crop, reddish eyes most of the time just looking around with a fair frown formed by brows above them. Not too tall at just a bit more than four and half a foot, her red school-suit hugs a white shirt with a little black bowtie, dark blue stockings matching her skirt, which in turn has a trouble with covering anything underneath. She works as a secretary at her rich dad's china import company and, spoiled by him, she tends to act like a little brat at times, not really caring for anything. You'd better watch out, or you might get kicked in the balls.

Quickie - 1 GD (~500 words)

Short Story - 3 GD (~20 kB)

Something Longer - ?
For any longer works, note me on FA/whisper Penelope|Dairas on Furcadia.

I am also open for trades, if anyone'd be interested! Visit my FA page for more writing of mine.