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Author Topic: Whit's Reviews!  (Read 978 times)

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Whit's Reviews!
«: June 10, 2009, 04:22:31 PM»
Alright. I don't usually review people because I've never had a problem, and yall have been consistantly nice and sweet and beautiful to me, so I don't bother.

Anyway! I was asked to write a review and so I will.

Macaw: I've had a run-in with Ammy in the past, over a misunderstanding on my part, but she acted so outlandish that I doubt I will ever forget her intense level of immaturity. Anyway! I got a PM today and was informed that Macaw wanted to buy one of me and Samson's collaborative portraits. The trade went smoothely, she quickly split the payment between us and was a pleasure to work with. She told me that she'd been accused of being Ammy, but it was such a black-and-white experience for me, Ammy being so rude and Macaw being so efficient that I can't possibly imagine that Macaw would be Ammy. Very nice trade, quick and pleasant. Thanks Macaw!

Anarchy: We do art trades every once in a while and she is absolutely jaw-droppping amazing. Her work is consistant and beautiful, and when she really knows some stuff about the character, she can paint the most beautiful pixels I've seen. Definately would commission her if I wasn't too busy trading with her. Kati has also just been an amazing friend, somebody I can trust completely. It's a rarity on the internet, but hey, I'm lucky. :>

Sync: Entered her contest. Her character was super interesting and I was lucky enough to get second place. She was always professional and never hinted at favouritism and I recieved the prize money quickly and in full. Thanks Sync!

Samson: We've swapped art a few times, but I couldn't type up a review without saying that Sam is one of my closest internet friends and is an aboslute joy to work with. She's a total sweetheart, very easy to get along with, has some absolutely adorable ideas anddd her art is always unique. I can always tell which picture is a Sam illustration or portrait. ilysam!

Warn: I did a portrait for this character and most definately took my dear sweet time on it. She was extremely patient and paid me quickly. Very nice, great to work with, and extremely patient. Thanks!

Unfortunately I don't remember any other commissions off the top of my head, but from my experience you're all nice and sweet and deserve one million good reviews.
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