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Author Topic: WARNING: asagie/TDAC female feline port - SOLVED  (Read 1872 times)

Offline kat

WARNING: asagie/TDAC female feline port - SOLVED
«: June 12, 2009, 10:24:06 PM»
ok so...

long story short, one of my ports got stolen. the girl claims she got it from photobucket and is using it on all of her characters and her furocitys and websites and yea!!

Asagie: bar
Cardinal: bar
Cardinal: where did you get the port you're wearing?
Cardinal: if you don't mind me asking?
Asagie: I got it from photobucket
Cardinal: do you remember where on photobucket?
Asagie: No....
Asagie: It was a long time ago
Asagie: I also saw it at TDAC
Cardinal: oh... well.. i made that port!
Asagie: o: Oh im so sorry
Cardinal: it's not a free port for everyone to use, it's only for use in tdac.
Asagie: I didnt realize
Asagie: I'm so sorry
Cardinal: that's ok!! do you think we could cooperate together to get it removed from your character?
Stellah: Why did you put your name on it? And where did the TDAC sig go?
Stellah: And the shading...
Asagie: I didnt get it from TDAC
Asagie: I got it from photobucket and upgraded it
Asagie: Sure? In the bar


and here are some whisper logs, posted with permission... i think lol.


Cardinal: so do you think we can work together to get it removed? it's free of charge if you email [email protected] and ask for them to remove it because you uploaded it without realizing it was stolen
Cardinal: i don't have a problem with you at all, i just want the authenticity of my ports preserved :3
Asagie: I need proof that it is yours
Asagie: Ive had too many people fo this before
Cardinal: well, the portrait is also on my deviantart account. would you like to see?
Cardinal: i uploaded it quite a while ago
Cardinal: last year sometime
Asagie: a quite while? how long
Asagie: Um... Ive seen this pic for about... a really long time
Cardinal: well, i created it last year, when we updated tdac!
Cardinal: i'm the co-owner of that dream.
Asagie: I know i didnt take it from the TDAC i saw it on Photobucket, and then i found Furc and got a portspace and i used this
Cardinal: well, the port is only meant for TDAC as the default female feline, and is not for use on any character
Asagie: Im sorry i cant help you, Ive seen this pic for over a few years and used it for my other characters on furocity and other websites, I'm terribly sorry
Cardinal: do you think you could remove it from your things? i worked hard on that portrait and do not like seeing it used where it's not supposed to. i will make sure that it won't cost you anything to have removed if you can cooperate with me.
Asagie: Like i said, i cant help you.
Cardinal: you won't remove it?
Asagie: Because ive seen if for a long time
Cardinal: i drew it a long time ago.
Asagie: You said a year
Cardinal: that's a long time. :s
Asagie: Ive seen this for over 2-3
Cardinal: LOL..
Cardinal: alright, well, thank you anyways.
Asagie: Im sorry
Cardinal: do you mind if i post these logs on FAZ in an art alert?
Asagie: That isnt going to scare me, I have worked too hard for this Port, i have seen it for a few years, i will not let someone take it away from me
Cardinal: that's fine, but may i post the logs?
Asagie: Like i said, i cant help you. And if you want to tell, thats up to you, Im just trying to enjoy my time on Furc.

Cardinal: i'm not trying to take away from your furc experience, i'm just trying to protect my art. thanks!


after i stopped talking to her, her friend "sour skittles" whispered me and started saying things like "it's just art why are you getting so mad!!! i'm telling a beekin!!!" so i'm led to believe sour skittles is asagie, too. but they might not be. idk. she was getting pretty mad though LOL E_E
she also told me that 5 other people came to asagie claiming the port was theirs to try and get it removed and that's why she wouldn't believe me. i told her i didn't have to prove anything to them and that i'd go about getting it removed on my own if asagie wouldn't.

my signature was removed, as was the big black TDAC in the corner.

there's the original. i scribbled all over it cuz i'm scared.
the original deviation on my old account katemobile, uploaded the day i finished it. in october of last year.

as you can see, asagie claims my port has been around for YEARSSSSSS when i only made it last year, for the dream "the dog adoption center." it went into the most recent update where i did the male and female ports for the felines. so obviously she's lying when she says she's seen it forever.

obviously there's nothing that you guys can do about this but i thought it'd be nice to let you know, and i'm taking the appropriate steps to get it removed from her character.

yep that's about it. brb emailing [email protected]

edit: emailed, crossing my fingers!!!!!

edit2: the port was removed and my minions will be keeping their eyes peeled for her.
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Offline Blot

Re: asagie/TDAC female feline port
«Reply #1: June 12, 2009, 10:56:02 PM»
I love how she says 'I worked so hard for this port'.
You [aid for a space and uploaded it. Working hard would be making it yourself, or you know, making an original character and finding an artist to commission for a Port.
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Re: WARNING: asagie/TDAC female feline port
«Reply #2: June 13, 2009, 03:34:17 PM»
A day later she is still wearing it. I'm in CH (Cypress Homes) right now. Eeveesama and I noticed she's in here with the portrait still on.

Hopefully, it's just an SS port and will come down soon, since it appears she has and SS and a couple of other little tags in her desc.

Hope all goes well Katy #SO

Offline kat

Re: WARNING: asagie/TDAC female feline port
«Reply #3: June 13, 2009, 04:51:28 PM»
i talked to leah and she removed the port. happy ending yea!!!! THANK YOU LEAH #SO#SO

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Re: WARNING: asagie/TDAC female feline port - SOLVED
«Reply #4: June 14, 2009, 12:32:55 PM»
Solved and locked PM a mod or KAt if you ever see this stolen again :X