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Author Topic: Feral Feline Beauties...  (Read 764 times)

Offline Galaxy Desires

Feral Feline Beauties...
«: March 07, 2008, 12:34:44 AM»
Well.. I'm considering selling my beauties. I used them once for a shop on another game, but have no real desire to go back there again. They are some what 'unfinished', and you'll be given the artistic liscense to finish them or have them finished. If you check my DeviantArt, you'll see samples of my colorations. If you like it.. I'd be more than willing to color her for you. Also willing to do slight edits - Please ask first!

First I'll put up her adult form..

Will start bidding at.. $5? If there's much response, I'll add in AB. She isn't that great so I don't expect much =p

If any issues arise with me placing her here, I'll remove her immediately.. Don't think there should be though.. lol.

If you'd like me to color her, or make a port (remappable or non), we'll discuss terms and prices =) I can get more detailed than what's on my DA.
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