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Author Topic: Feral heads on anthro bodies (or humans with only slight animal features)  (Read 3487 times)

Offline Hugo

I see this from time to time.

It will be an illustration or painting of some kind with a hyper realistic animal head or face.. but then the anatomy is 100% human down to the hands and feet.

ie: A feral bird head on a woman's body with large breasts etc.

Alternatively, I see 100% ferals with breasts or thumbs.

*Do you think there should be an equal mix of features?
*Do either of the aforementioned things bother you?
*Do you have a character like this?

Sidenote: Don't flame one another please. This thread has been created for information-gathering purposes.


Offline MT

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Ehhh, with some animals I don't really mind it that much, like maybe a canine, feline, etc. but on things like birds.. or.. fish.. that would just be really creepy.
I don't really see alot of characters like that though, most anthros I see have human-like features on their heads one way or another.
Sorry I'm like, half awake while I'm typing this lol.

The person who creates the character has the right to make their character as human-like or as animal-like as they choose, and uhh I don't have a character like this. All my characters are pretty much more human than they are animal.

Offline Suzy

My characters are always pretty much humans with cat ears or something. But if you're aiming to create a more animal-like character, I think it's definitely easier on the eye to have a somewhat equal mix of features.

Offline Krill

I used to have a character that was a psychopomp. He had an owls head, but a human body. I couldn't think of a good way to fit him into RP, so he wound up just being an OOC alt, but. :x

He was pretty snazzy. I think its okay sometimes, to have a mostly human character with an animal head. Just depends on the character design, or whatever. I don't know, ignore meee~

Offline Jenni

completely feral heads on human bodies remind me of some of the egyptian gods, so it's not completely obscure to me nor does it look that odd to me, but then again i find that it's something rare to come across. people tend to blend the human/animal features nicely. ferals with breasts and hands make me think werewolf, since that's the only thing i can think of like that, but that's not very odd to me either.

i don't really care. it doesn't bother me.

Offline Kira

Like that?

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Offline Suzy

That image makes me giggle.

Offline $kye

Like that?

LOL olcadan!!

anyway i agree with jenni ive seen mixes of all kinds and i dont really mind that much (though ive seen some odd ferals with tits stuff). i believe its just however the creator wants to represent the character.

Offline Hathor

Animal heads on human bodies don't bother me at all. I loves me some Horus, and Doctor Who has a race called the Hath that have humanoid bodies with fish heads. They were kinda cute. lol (Pic 1, pic 2.)

As for humanoid breasts on a feral body... kinda makes me raise an eyebrow, but what the hey, to each their own.


I loves me some Horus, and Doctor Who has a race called the Hath that have humanoid bodies with fish heads. They were kinda cute. lol (Pic 1, pic 2.)
doctor who is ROCKS

Also my fursona is beautiful and not weird at all.

Offline Katto

Well, all depends on how you look at it, I guess. And how the person wanted to represent the character.

I constantly see characters with completely human bodies and faces, with scales, tails, ears, ect. They can be really cute.

I've also seen characters with feral heads, tails, ears, but no fur or feathers on their main body. Nekos fall in here, too.

My characters have feral heads, human bodies/arms/hands with pawpads and claws or something, and digigrade legs. Their bodies are covered in fur and they have ears and tails, too.

I think it's all in how you want to express your character's personality, or how you want them to be perceived. What you like them to look like, and what you don't. Weither you want balance, or distortion, it's all up to you.

Offline LSD

everyone looks weird

furries suck =P

Black Rain

I prefer animal heads on human-like bodies than human-like heads with a few animal details.



Offline Sapphirus

I personally prefer humans with animalistic features. Screw furry stuff...

Offline Dolly

**makes a face**

Offline Kusatsu

When I see a completely feral head on a perfectly human body it just seems strange. To me it feels unnatural aesthetically and to make it 'fit' there should be more of an even blend imo. Like paw pads, digitigrade legs or something. Otherwise it just 'jolts'.

As for my personal preferences though I like anthro characters with mainly humanoid features. Can't draw muzzles for the life of me anyway.