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Author Topic: Furcadia's Biggest Loser  (Read 693 times)

Offline Narnia

Furcadia's Biggest Loser
«: July 10, 2009, 05:54:39 PM»
Named after the American Television Show, “The Biggest Loser,” a group of Furcadians have decided that they are going to work towards their weight loss and physical fitness goals in a competition format. Our hopes are that the spirit of competition will give many of us the drive needed to stay motivated and reach, or move closer to, our goals.

The ten week competition (hopefully to be followed by more) will begin on July 19, 2009 and end on September 26, 2009. Everyone participating will post their initial weight and provide daily and weekly updates on their progress, share what has been successful, what their plan is for the future, and what may have interfered with their goals. After September 26, 2009 everyone will post their final weight and a winner of Furcadia’s Biggest Loser will crowned by determining who lost the most weight (as a percentage of their total weight.) Various prizes will be awarded along the way to encourage people to continue working hard at their goals.

We are looking for honest, dedicated people to participate in Furcadia’s Biggest Loser to encourage more competition and to provide more encouragement to other users to meet their goals. However, the forum being used for Furcadia’s Biggest Loser is private so that the users can feel confident that only those people who are serious about participating can view personal information about those participating.

If you are interested in participating in this competition and are serious about getting healthy, please get in contact with me and I will provide you with a link to our private forum. We hope that at the end of ten weeks, everyone is healthier.
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