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Author Topic: $10-$15 websites!  (Read 665 times)

Offline Heimdall

$10-$15 websites!
«: September 04, 2009, 04:09:55 PM»
I only have a few casual websites under my belt right now, but I'm getting better with each passing site.

My sites work well for personal characters, guilds, or organizations. If you use a freewebs host I can incorporate a guestbook, and I can add music if you want an iframes site.

The price depends on the complexity of the art you're having me do, and the number of image links you want me to incorporate. It'll be between $10 and $15, paypal only. I'll do the layout design and the coding.

The info I need:
How many pages do you want and what should I call them?
What color scheme or mood/theme would you like?
Do you have picture(s) you want me to incorporate? If so, give me copies of them. Transparent backgrounds only, please! If you give me a high-resolution pic, it'll look better.

Examples from oldest (2 years old) to newest (2 months old). These are all the layouts I've ever made.

If you'd like to commission me, just read through my ToS and shoot me a PM or e-mail. vorpalmuse[at]gmail.com
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