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Author Topic: Ports,Websites,Character Designs,dA Avatars,etc+  (Read 657 times)


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Ports,Websites,Character Designs,dA Avatars,etc+
«: July 30, 2009, 10:38:33 PM»
Dolly's Commissions

all is taken directly from my website. cause im cool and i like making jewgo- gold scales. now then. remember than, one, I AM TEMPERMENTAL. don't try to scam me, cause... it won't end up well. i'll set Show/Mayhem aka Britt on you. and that won't be pleasant. now then to the artsies.

all art is here; www.elliot-magic.deviantart.com
--> eh im lazy, [ www.dollfaced.webs.com ]. look there for info. under the section 'ART'.
YES I AM LAZY WITH FORUMS. i reserve the right to be.