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Author Topic: ATTENTION - Draw Aly, Win Digo! [Closed until further notice]  (Read 916 times)

Offline Wulf

Something happened with my bank account and there was a chargeback on my digos. They were removed from the character. If you have already completed your entry, please do NOT send it to me at this time. You are free to do whatever you'd like with it. I am VERY sorry about this, this was not expected. I am going to rip my bank a new one, very soon.

Aly needs references and fanart, because she is unloved.

At the moment I only have a feral reference, and I would really like to see an anthro one for her<3

How this works...

-You don't need to ask to do this.

-Simply draw Aly in the medium of your choice, feral or anthro, any pose. It can be a sketch, portrait, reference, whatever!

- Deadline is Friday, August 7th. That is one week from this posting.

-PM me a link to your submission and it will be listed here.

-I will choose my 3 favorites.

-#1 will win their choice of the following digos..

Extra: Prime Wings, expires on 2010-07-30/13:12:02/Fri
Extra: Ferian Tygard, expires on 2010-07-30/13:12:02/Fri
Extra: Ferian Leonen, expires on 2010-07-30/13:12:01/Fri


Whether or not I choose your art, submitting it gives me the right to use it in any way I desire.

This means that I may still use post it on my website, linked in my desc, or any other form.

Signatures will NOT be removed from your work and I will never claim it as my own. Credit will always be given where due.


Aly's colors and markings do not change between feral and anthro forms. They are the same.

When anthro, clothing that she is likely to wear is a short skirt and a zipper hoodie (Hood can be up or down, zipper can be up or down) But I am not super picky with clothes as long as it is something FUN and COLORFUL.

She likes candy, ranbows, clubs, glowsticks, Techno music, and bows.

You can give her any hairstyle you'd like, as long as color is not changed (Highlights of any color/rainbow can be added)

I am not super picky about most things, other than her markings and fur coloration.

She is often times found wearing oversized headphones.

Aly loves her ipod and is a Techno DJ, known as DJ Alystar or Teknofox.

In anthro form, she always wears a golden, heart shaped locket, as her mate Lurkine wears the key.

This is her FERAL reference..

(Or http://i469.photobucket.com/albums/rr52/alywolf/try1111111.png for a larger view)
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Re: Draw Aly, Win Digo!
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I'm in.

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Re: Draw Aly, Win Digo!
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Awesome, thanks! :P~
If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.