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Author Topic: Archy's Reviews  (Read 1111 times)

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Archy's Reviews
«: August 04, 2009, 01:43:28 AM»
I've done about a zillion port-related transactions since I first started out, so I'm not likely to remember everyone... but I'll try!
I'll update it as I remember people though. x.x

Alexandra - Admittedly I have never commissioned her, though would love to jump at the chance to do so sometime.  I've bought two premades off of her in the past and I must say her fur shading style is one of the best- a personal favorite, if you will- that I've seen.  Which works for me, since I play many feral alts.  Her work is top-notch and well worth the investment!

Am'God - I'd seen this character around a lot before finally meeting up with them.  They do some very nice artwork!  We ended up doing a trade which was done rather swiftly on both ends, and I am acceptionally pleased with the resulting port that they did for me. (:  I'm not sure what their commission status or prices are, but would highly suggest to others to inquire!

Anarchy - Did a portrait trade a little while back her. I did a portrait of her character "Cujo" and she a port for my main, "Archery."  I'd seen her work long before I actually gained contact with her and am glad I finally gained the opportunity to do so.  Overall friendly, relatively quick, and as always produced a wonderful quality portrait for me. (:

Aqua Dark -  Long-time friend who is relatively well known within the portrait making community.  She does fantastic work- and she's fast!  I've gotten several portraits from her, all in various stages of her progression over the past couple of years.  It's so fun to see changes in styles!  Would highly suggest to anyone with the funds to commission her.

Brynn - I met her through her mate who's been my friend for a very long time now.  Brynn commissioned me for my first ever couple's puzzle portrait!  I personally was pleased with the portrait, as was she... though her mate wasn't.  Which sucked since I wasn't told until after I'd sent the portrait files over.  I insisted on re-doing the port (which, sorry guys, I wouldn't offer to do for anyone but friends once the file had been sent) but neither of them wanted me to.  Even so, Brynn's a real sweetie and I think a lot of her.  Would happily work with her again in the future!

Bunners / White Opal - A heated little debate ensued with this commissioner, of which I am happy to explain what went on:  User was friendly and quite pleasant to talk with, but they were one of the ones that constantly messaged me to ask about the commission, when most commissioners know this is an annoyance. After a week of waiting (this was a non-portrait commission, so naturally it was going to take some time) I had not had a chance to finish the lineart on it- my life had been busy, as I cleary explained. The commissioner didn't seem to understand this and asked for a refund, which I gave them. After recieving the money back they then proceeded to ask me if I could use the completed sketch as their refference. I told them that since it was no longer payed for, it was not theirs to use. They then proceeded to say I was vengeful to them for not allowing them to use it after they had retracted payment.  They then proceeded to simply act like an ass about the whole situation.  Will not take commissions from ever again.

ChainStrain - A overall wonderful person and friend, she's produced one port for me thus far.  We're due to do a trade now, even.  Her work is of a great quality for the asking price and would suggest her to any I met- although she's a tad hard to reach due to her activities on numerous alts.

Dask - Originally started a portrait trade a loooong time ago, and because of this transaction I nearly stopped doing trades all together.  I finished my half within a day or two, but after months of waiting never recieved their half.  I was eventually contacted by someone saying that the port I did had been uploaded and was being used quite often... and that the name Dask originally went under was owned by someone new.  I tried to contact Dask about the delima, but my whispers were never replied to.  I have since seen Dask around, but have not mentioned the port.  Will most likely not accept trade offers from them again. Update - 8/10/12 - I have spoken with Dask about the trade since making this initial post.  They acknowledge they owe one to me, however it still remains unfinished... after 4 years of waiting.

Doc / Tala - I have done several things in the past for her- many of which were back when I was really getting my start and learning the port-makin' ropes!  She's been one of my oldest friends here on furcadia, and it's a relationship I cherish.  She's great to work with and will happily do so again in the future!

Dodge - Dodge commissioned me a while back for a couple of portraits.  Everything went smoothly initially, but when the ports were done and it came time to "pay the piper", so to speak, I was never paid.  They dropped all contacts with me, even after I attempted to contact numerous times when they had been online. [And had evidence they had read what I said, but chose to ignore it.]  So, I ended up selling the portraits I'd made- with alterations- as premades and left it at that.  Some time later- a good while later- I happened to see Dodge in a dream while visiting a friend.  I simply gave them a greeting, and their response was "You're the person who made that ugly ass port." [Not an exact quote, but it was very close.]  Would have made things a lot easier and professional had they simply told me they weren't pleased with the portrait to begin with.  Needless to say, Dodge is someone who I will not be doing business with again now or ever.

Edward - It's been a long time since I've spoken to her, though I really should rekindle those ties.  She's a great person and good friend, and would love to see more of her work out and about the furcadian world!  We did a trade while back... to the point I really don't remember much about it!  She does great work though and would love to have more of it for myself. (:

Majas -  Another port artists I'm sure a lot of regulars have seen around before... wonderfully detailed work at a relatively nice price!  A bit slow to complete, but I certainly cannot complain- I'm certainly very slow at times, too.  Majas' work is well worth the wait, though!  Overall swell to work with. (:  Have commissioned twice and may do so again in the future.

Portfolio - Another good friend of mine whom I met through another friend... who does ports.  Ah, relations!  She doesn't do many ports on a commission basis, I don't believe, but her ports I would refer to as 'cute.'  She's a great person to interact with, which is bonus points... as it always is!

Rhonda - I commissioned her a good while back for a feral image of Archery, of which she did in a pretty rapid amount of time.  I'm afraid I cannot remember much about the transaction, but she's another of those artists I've watched steadily improve as time has gone on and she does some rather nice work!  And she's reasonably priced. (:  Would commission again sometime.

Secreteriat -  I've done several ports for Sec in the past, both commissioned and gifted.  She's a great person and I love her to death.  She's planned a commission for me to do in the near future, which I eagerly look forward to. (:

Spite - Did a portrait trade with Spite some time ago and quite enjoyed myself!  Both ends were done in a relatively rapid amount of time, and Spite did a wonderful job on my portrait!  I see her post here on the forums every so often, though I'm currently unsure about her current portrait status.  Would recommend to others!

Synoda Mae - Another good friend and wonderful commissioner!  She was willing to work with me on getting her character's portrait just right... since I suck at felines. She's great to work with and would happily do so again in the future!

Ook - Yet another friend of mine for some time now who does wonderful work at a reasonable price!  She did a portrait for me for Archery a while back and recently we started up a portrait trade; of which I'm still awaiting on her to do her half.  Patience is a virtue! (:  Would happily suggest her to anyone.

Stein - My favorite of all the ports I've recieved for Archery thus far came from Stein- a wonderful port artist who tickled my fancy in asking me for a trade.  Whoo!  Friendly person and fantastic portrait art- very unique style.  I'm not positive on current commission status or prices, but I will certainly be seeking another portrait in the future if I can possibly do so.

The Laughing Man - A friend who doesn't seem to remember me anymore, but that's fine!  Offline circumstances drew her away from furcadia for a long time.  Regardless, I'm unsure as to whether or not she still does portrait work- but the port I have I love!  Not to mention she's very friendly to talk to and to work with. (:

Voxith - I have been commissioned by her many times now, and now doubt she keeps returning since we've been tight buddies for a while now.  She's a really terrific person and a sweetheart to work with.  She's a prompt payer and isn't one of the types who annoy you all the time to inquire about progress.  Love this gal to death!

Zuzu Frostwing - A good friend I still speak with relatively often.  A real sweetie!  Was very patient with me when one of their commissions were taking a bit longer than I'd had hoped for it to take, but stuck in there and managed to kick my butt enough for me to finish it up!  A good friend and am glad to have done business with her.

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