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Author Topic: How to Raincheck A Digo Market Sale!  (Read 1512 times)

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How to Raincheck A Digo Market Sale!
«: August 13, 2009, 10:36:08 PM»
Hello everyone!

In my hopes of helping Furcadia out, I will be showing all of you how to 'raincheck' a sale that you may have the money for in the future! (I reposted this from Furcadia Forums, since the staff didn't approve. I never noticed a 'rainchecking' tutorial, so I thought that maybe it would help!)

Many a times I've browsed the forums and have seen people go 'Can Furcadia extend these one day or week sales?' or are unaware of the act of rainchecking an item. As many of us will have the money after the sales, but this is extremely inconvenient! So what do you do? Raincheck it!

Whoa, whoa, now hold up, Light. You keep mentioning the word 'raincheck' but what, exactly, is a raincheck? A rain check is, essentially, like layaway in a real store-- just that you don't have to pay before hand and it keeps it on hold for several months before expiring!

I'll be using the life kiwi sale as an example, here!

1. Go to the item in question and click 'Add to cart.' Easy, right? Go through your ordering steps like you would normally..

..and then go to your cart..

At this time you can add dragonscales if you so desire! I didn't add any to mine, because I didn't have any on me. Once you're ready, click 'confirm and checkout'!

2. Go through your ordering like normal, with your name, email, etc..


..and then select your payment! I am using PayPal with this guide because it is my preferred method of pay-- though I am sure MoneyBookers or PayByCash work the same way!

EDIT: I've tested it with both of these and they DO work, as far as I know--you still get the email like PayPal does!

Confirm your order and such, and click 'place your order..'

3. Now, when you get to the PayPal screen (or whatever screen your method of payment is..)

*I redded out all my digo/order info, but you get what I mean! :)

..Exit out! Yes, you heard me, exit out! But, don't fret! We'll be seeing that order again very soon.

4. Now, go to your email inbox, and you should see something like..

..This! Click it, then open it up, and scroll down to the link..

Now click that link, and you'll come to a screen like..


Whenever you're ready, all you have to do is click 'Click Here to Pay,' and then it will redirect you to the Paypal screen..

..And then you just go through it like normal! Easy, right?

As long as you have this email and have access to it, you'll have as long as you need (so long as it's not more than 4~5 months #SB)

I'm not sure how to add GD to an already placed order, though I have heard it is possible! If anyone can confirm this information, or how to do it, I'll add it in and credit you!

Sorry for the screenshot spam! I thought it might be easier to read with screenies.

Thanks for reading, guys! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a post or whisper me on Light or Haku!
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