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Author Topic: A Very Lonely Review Thread  (Read 2299 times)

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A Very Lonely Review Thread
«: March 11, 2008, 02:00:45 PM»
O boy. I made this back in 2008 and o boy o boy nothing in that was worth keeping (Always embarrassing to look back on stuff from when you were a bit of a kid, hm?). We've all come a long, long way, now haven't we? Replacing this with recent stuff!

I'm probably forgetting names, but I've tried to only include things from within the last few years!

Cindarellapop (DeviantArt)
Art Trades
Multiple trades with Cindarellapop. I usually have her doing traditional work for me - watercolours of my characters' companion animals, as this is her strong suit - and, more recently, a map for a setting. In return, I've done art for her - digital, and sewing projects. She's trustworthy, but slow. Expect quality work from her, you just might need to wait a while.

I've also done many, many collaborations with this person, with her doing sketches and my finishing them - always, always a good experience.

Claine did some template code for me on RPR in exchange for a bust of their character, and has since updated the code when they noticed something wrong, of their own accord. Very very friendly, pleasant, would love to work with again!

Commissioned by Coltara on many, many occasions, and always lovely to work with/for. Coltara has very specific things they want done, and they will make you (politely) aware of it! If you're not an artist receptive to criticism, this is not a person you want to work for - but if you are open to it, you can rest assured that you will know for certain that you will walk away aware you've given them exactly what they wanted. For me, this is a very good trait, and a bit of a confidence booster. Always pays in a timely manner!

Degu / Kingfisher-Gryphon
A bit shy to ask for corrections (I'm taking it they've had bad experiences in the past), but a pleasure to work for! If you work for Degu, I'd recommend being the one to ask if they'd like any changes or corrections, as a professional courtesy.

Art Trade
Waited a bit for this one, but I was well aware I'd need to, so nothing out of the ordinary here! Good communication, also streamed their half of the trade so I could watch. c: Very friendly, and gorgeous work. (Traded fullbody for fullbody)

Poor experience, here. Originally commissioned them because I knew they needed money badly to improve their living situation. Personal problems erupted between myself and their (then?) boyfriend, and I had to have a friend take over communication between myself and them due to my own poor mental health. While generally polite in email, friends who sat with the same group as them got the lovely surprise of them openly mocking my mental health and need for an in-between person, on a public map. Poor ethics, generally curt and unfriendly feeling outside of impersonal emails, and takes many, many, many months to complete any work, with poor communication in-between.

Trades, commissioned
Goo's a fulltime student and is very open about the fact work may take a while to get - so any complaint about timeliness here is null. Very, very friendly, lots of WIPs, charming work. I very much so recommend tipping this artist, as she very much so undercharges.

Art trade
VERY quick! Shockingly so. Friendly, no complaints! (sketch trade)

'Leicester' (alt name)
Friendly, paid in a timely manner, a good experience.

Art Trade
A good experience. Honestly can't remember much by now, it was a while ago! Pleasant with nothing sticking out as bad!

Magnastorm (DeviantArt)
Magnastorm had my work done precisely when they said they would, and it was gorgeously done! I feel like they even went a little above and beyond (Perhaps in response to being tipped? Ahh that's really sweet!)! Would not only recommend this artist, but can't wait to get the opportunity to commission them again!

I've had quite a few commissions from this one, and they've all been VERY enjoyable! Fun characters, fun requests! Pleasant to interact with as a person, and always pays in a timely manner! This is a lovely person to do work for!

Rigby / Scribblerrigby
Commissioner, General Back-And-Forth
Rigby has commissioned me many times, and the characters are always very fun! She's also lovely to work with, and has been so kind as to give me tips, which really warms my cold little heart! Further, she's done some work 'for' me, too, in doing banners for RPR groups, word art, and borders - top notch work! I'd really recommend commissioning her, she's got quite the professional eye!

Art Trades
Always quick and on the ball, and friendly!

Art Trade

Well - I'd definitely love to do another! Pleasant experience that I can't remember too much of by now, but goodness, yes, another, please?

TVCranium (DeviantArt)
Kiriban Prize, Commissioned
Won a prize from them! It took a while to get - which I can't complain about, it's free art! - and was very, very pleased with the work done. On the topic of commissions, however, they were VERY quick to finish up work! Always friendly, too.

Attempted Commission
It's been a long time, but I attempted to commission this individual for a bust of a character. Well, thankfully he did not take money up front, because he very quickly gave up after attempting a sketch. Which is a pro, I suppose - doesn't take money up front.
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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #1: April 06, 2009, 01:36:24 PM»
Updated. Added in trade section, and added on that, YES, Ukai's piece was indeed a commission and not free art, like most of you seem to think.

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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #2: April 06, 2009, 01:56:16 PM»
Daweeeee <33333333

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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #3: April 06, 2009, 02:46:53 PM»
Damn, girl, you've had some very unpleasant experiences. :c

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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #4: April 06, 2009, 02:52:05 PM»
Damn, girl, you've had some very unpleasant experiences. :c

I've had some pleasant ones. I'm just one of those dumb people who remember the bad over the good. vv;

I'm sure the good outnumbers the bad. Just have a poor memory for it. Bahaha

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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #5: April 06, 2009, 04:56:39 PM»

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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #7: April 07, 2009, 01:43:41 PM»
+lolman, edwarde, and hugo. STILL TRYING TO REMEMBER PEOPLE. Halp plz


Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #8: April 07, 2009, 04:36:04 PM»
btw, idk why on earth you never really expressed your true feelings towards me? i'm just curious, lady. you know i still love you.
IF you had told me right then and there when i gave you the piece that you thought it was "very lacking in quality" then i would have happily edited/lined it/shaded it/whatever for you. i'm 100% willing to edit to satisfy my traders/customers (you might not have known this, which is fine). but did you at once even consider inquiring about edits? at least, expressing your discontent to me privately before posting a negative review? or even better.. did it occur to you to tell me through IM when i had showed you the link to my half of the trade that you felt that it was not to par?

you commented on the deviation:
"I still love it :>"

therefore since you so 'loved' it, i had automatically assumed that the trade had been alright and all. you said absolutely nothing to me about the trade afterwards. you can't expect me to interpret your comment as "this sucks, it's not fair"

and now you turn around and say the trade wasn't fair, that the whole thing was severely lacking etc etc.

there's not much i can do right now to fix the trade and all since it's been said and done.. but i think it's fairly reasonable that i can express my being insulted. i'm sorry if i sound harsh, i don't mean to. you misled me with your 'i love it' comment and i'm upset about being lied to.

tl;dr version/what i'm trying to get at here is:
you never sought an honest solution to your discontent with my half so as much as i don't want to say it: sorry, it's your loss.
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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #9: April 07, 2009, 04:46:02 PM»
I have an extremely hard time expressing discontent, especially with someone I don't know very well. It was a.. rather obvious one, though. :/ No offense. The quality was such that I shouldn't even need to say anything. I can't help but think of how much drama it'd cause to even say anything, if you did it like that in the first place. Besides the fact that up until extremely recently, i didn't believe in the idea that it was my place to say, 'i don't like this, do it over' in a trade, and that you just take it and say, 'oh well, fucked again...'

I'll be sure to not let it happen anymore.
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Re: Tastes good with garlic and herbs. Yummmmm
«Reply #10: April 07, 2009, 06:13:02 PM»
it's all good
just know what you want (aka be honest) in the future

all that aside, good luck with your current commissions and trades

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Re: A Very Lonely Review Thread
«Reply #11: May 09, 2016, 11:34:06 AM»
Updated after.... holy wow, eight years! (seven?) Talk about following the one-thread-per-person rule to the extreme!