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Author Topic: Port and art contest for a LIFE WOLVEN! (losers keep thier art!) **OPEN!**  (Read 2373 times)

Offline Lardo

I'm not too good with explaining things in an orderly fashion, so i'll just randomly say bits of information and hopefully make sence x.x

Mmkay, the basics on how this will go:
1.) You guys post if you are interested, leaving the best way of contacting you (preferably in-game whispers, online or offline). you can start making your art at this time if you want, no guarantees that the contest will actually happen.
2.) [roughly 2-3 weeks later] If/when there are enough people that want to participate, i will contact everyone to see if they are still active/if they still want to participate.
3.) [2-3 days after] When everyone/enough people have contacted me back, i will message everyone again to say that i have set a date [roughly around a month or so]
4.) When the final date  has arrived. i will start the judging.
5.) when the judging has finished, i'll contact everyone that has submitted something a THIRD time and tell them if they have won/lost

Things you can offer:
Remapable portraits
Non-remapping portraits
You can also bribe me with GD, paypal and spaces. All though i'm really looking for mostly art.

My characters i want art for:
Lardo the Coonfox.
Can be Anthro or feral. 
lookng for: 2 remap. ports, one anthro one feral (you can make it just fur color, i'll add the re-map myself if you'd like), and/or plain digital or art
refs: x x x x

Tes the coyote & her buddy; Tobby the rat
feral rat, tes can be anthro or feral (feral pref.)
Looking for: Non-remap or remap art.[non-remap pref.] and/or plain digital or traditional art.
refs: x x x x & tobby[/url,  & [url=http://fc07.deviantart.com/fs48/f/2009/168/6/8/new_tes_ref_by_Alymae.jpg]crappy old ref

The prizes
1st prize: Life Wolven (does not expire)
There might not be any second prize,  but to anyone who does make art that i doesn't win, you can keep it yourself (unless you'll just give it to me? o: plzpzlplz<3), Or, if i DO want to use it, but it doesn't get first prize, I'll pay you for it somehow.

Entering form[/u]
Furcadia username(s):
What you intending to enter:
Best way to contact:
Art examples/dA/FA:

Bonus marks for my charaters with scenery.. I love nature scenery <3

you guys are aware that i'm expecting at least 20$ worth of work from EACH person, right?
Because the people who don't win are aloud to KEEP their art, or that I'll pay for them if i want them too... or should i do it the normal-unfair-way where i keep everything and only one person gets the wolven?
well, the character art i'll have to keep because it's specifically my character :c
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Offline Kaylour

Re: Port and art contest for a LIFE WOLVEN! (bribes accepted! xD )
«Reply #1: August 30, 2009, 11:53:08 AM»
me wanna enter >:0 xP


Re: Port and art contest for a LIFE WOLVEN! (bribes accepted! xD )
«Reply #2: August 30, 2009, 12:10:31 PM»
I'll give it a shot. The best way to contact me is by PM, or offline message is fine in-game (Zafira, Saera).

Offline Lardo


Offline kenzy

I'll enter.
You can contact me on here, or on FurC. Mainly on the characters Faeliteas or Tushy or Kenzy.

Offline Kori

Entering form[/u]
Furcadia username(s): Duel/Snap/Judge
What you intending to enter: A port or two.
Best way to contact: Deviantart.
Art examples/dA/FA: www.deathmutt.deviantart .com
all the better to eat you with, my child.

Offline Cornelius

nvm school got in the way

count me out
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Offline Syke

Im going to enter!!

Furcadia username(s):Syke
What you intending to enter:2 remappale ports
Best way to contact:PM me Here?, furc=syke
Art examples/dA/FA:
http://i32.tinypic.com/jjmyw3.jpg <--- my examples

Offline Lardo


Offline Ruit

Furcadia username(s): Onset, Kass, Temzin
What you intending to enter: Most likely some traditional art, unless I get my tablet before this starts (i'll contact you if that happens)
Best way to contact: Whispers on furc, online or off, pm me here, or note me on dA.
Art examples/dA/FA: deviantart: http://meiria.deviantart.com

Offline Lardo

kay, guys, seriously
i'm going to need some better offers or i'm going to cancel this :/

Offline Syke

Is Tobby and Tess different characters?

Offline Lardo

well, yea. but on the same alt

Offline Syke


Offline alexandra

kay, guys, seriously
i'm going to need some better offers or i'm going to cancel this :/

Just as a note... it's probably the prize and how easily attainable it is.


Bribing is not a good way to do things. xD

Offline turntechGodhead

Furcadia username(s): Stein, Trauma or Luxio.
What you intending to enter: One or two remappable portraits.
Best way to contact: Whisper.
Art examples/dA/FA: http://insxnity.deviantart.com

May as well give it a shot.  My alt needs a wolven, so blah~.
TG: sir im afraid the comet is the size of your moms dick

Offline Rex T-Rex

I may enter this. More than one entry acceptable?
Visit my site-> http://rext-rex.webs.com

currently have alts on sale! http://altmarket.net/index.php?topic=31876.msg468272#msg468272

I am adorifying!

Offline Anarchy

I'll enter why not.

Furcadia username(s): Anarchy, Cujo, Bodhi
What you intending to enter: A portrait, remap.
Best way to contact: AIM-TragicCharade
Art examples/dA/FA: tragiccharade.deviantart.com

Offline Aubrey The Cat

Ill enter my name on Furc is Aubrey The Cat and ill do more then 20 dollars worth of work X3