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Author Topic: great, cheap descriptions.  (Read 738 times)

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great, cheap descriptions.
«: September 05, 2009, 04:52:26 PM»
I do really hot descs, or so people tell me.
So hey, I'll take commissions for em. They take me like, 3-5 minutes at most, unless its a complicated character.
I look at my writing as a type of ART, not just some text. It has an original unique flair to it, and I am proud.
so I hope you'll like it. :]

2 GD for a regular, simple desc
3-4 GD for a detailed, graphicy/extravagant description
want extras? Ask me
please note these are FURC descs, for use in-game. if you want a long, website desc, ask me, and we can work something out. <3

some quick descriptions of mine, recently:

Let's dance the night away.. A sway of them feminine hips, a wink of kohl-lined lashes, and she's got you hooked. Raven tresses slicked back from forehead, where an amber jewel rested, betwixt two long, rigid ears. Pair of cream-feathered appendages unfurl behind, contrasted by bronze fur and fiery pools of sage. Trio of tails whipped and flicked from golden harem pants, tipped with matching ebony tufts. Toned body of not-so-modest elegant curves, womanly chest garbed in an ember bikini top, cylinder neck encircled with ivory silk collar and silver ankh necklace. Egyptian by decent, bitch by nature, Sphinx was an untamed wildfire - can you handle the heat? (older)

Big things come in small packages, but sometimes you get a bit more than you bargained for, and with this bitch, there's always enough to go around. Indigo hair cropped in a punkish spiked style gave her that rough, un-elegant look that other faes were noted for. Short and skinny, flesh the color of damp soil bearing golden archaic runes to add to the confusion. Two bat-like appendages sprout from her spine, green and blue streaks seemingly painted across them. Foul-mouthed fae donned a tight latex bondage suit, expressing her youthful curves. Little brat was a nasty thing with an unsatiable lust for alcohol, prone to violent mood swings and temper tantrums worse than any spoiled princess if without it. (no longer owned)

Hershey flesh, toned physique as fit as the day he was born, blending silky sable tresses and equine tail. Sun-gold metal rings encircle godly biceps in two, completed by a thick gold collar clasped around throat. Royal-blue robe stitched with vibrant yellow floral designs left open to expose impressive display of sculpted glossy musclature, garment hanging below broad shoulders to cling at elbows where it trailed off behind. Lower torso concealed behind thin Egyptian silk, a vague bulge creating creases from beneath, where the legs of an athletic build presented themselves, ripe with years of various 'work'.

Devour's: Scream. Predatorial fiend gave a whole new look to the horror genre, with those giant, oversized jaws harboring razor-sharp fangs that shamed the vampire, and a long, radioactive-green tongue. Bony, rigid form littered with opalescent patterns and sharp fins, namely the one bulging from the terror's curved spine, writhing as if alive. Sickle claws flexed on grotesquely-thin digits, shrunken to the very bone, just like the rest of the creature, though his tall proportions and unmatched agility made him a feared opponent. Deep, sunken reptilian eyes of blinding lime bestow the stare of a beast, a nightmare, a monster. It's all that mouth of yours is good for. (Anglerfish) (older)
Human appearance could not settle that eerie aura around the 'man' that was beyond obvious. That wicked grin mimicking Glasglow smiles, teeth long and pointed, tongue unnaturally long and green. Slitted eyes were filled in with black, a glowing lime, slanted, and ever-vigilant. Wiry form clothed in loose aristocracy, definitely not his style, but it gave him some sort of unusual 'charm'. Indigo hair was rugged and spiked, a single section hanging in front of his twisted features with a beautiful luminescence to it. Bony fingers were inhumanly long, the same for his nails and height, while his flesh was smooth, with an almost scaley texture to it - he was no ordinary 'Boogeyman'.

Locust's: Not all experiments go wrong.. Mishapen body had the structure of a canine, bipedal or not, but horribly disfigured, with the thin back legs of alien insect, as well as an armored carapace on its jagged back, dragonfly-like wings protected under. Duo wolfish heads gaze hungrily through bug eyes, giant pinschers in the middle of both jaws, coupled with a mouth full of wicked black fangs. Despite the creature's voracious appetite, its stomach was shrunken to a grotesque point, ribs pressed out, and lengthy tail was all bone. Gluttonous monster which haunts the world - there's a new Angel of Death in town.

I have plenty more, but there's some.
So give me an image or two of your character(s), and all the info you'd like mentioned in the desc, without being psychotic.
PM , whisper or Post if interested.
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Re: 5 star descs? :)
«Reply #1: December 02, 2009, 07:42:29 PM»
here's s'more

Byanca's: "My favorite color is red.." Porcelain flesh, smooth as marble, and just as cold, a stark contrast to the mascara-framed ruby eyes, and deep orchid hair let flowing to her back. An odd mix of a rebellious, punk style, and the prudish Victorian elegance, her clothes were a firm balance between the two. Gothic corset gripped her bosom, heavy leather trenchcoat keeping the rest of her upper body modest, while her legs were clothed in tight-fitting vinyl pants. Crimson bow was tied cutely around her neck, matching the color of her long nails, complimenting her pouty lips dipped in ebon gloss. Ominous beauty walked with an inhuman grace, fluid and effortless, as if gravity had no power over her high-heel laced boots' steps.

Cortez's: Players don't die. We just try our luck at a different table. For this lil' cheap trick of a man, he sure knew how to play his cards right. Barely 20 springs old, and the lad had acquired more wealth than he knew what to do with, and tons of ladies willing to fill the empty space in his bed without even needing a highschool diploma. Raven hair was messily chopped, yet attractive in that boyish way, with a half-open dress shirt and a tie hanging around his neck, cigar held nonchalantly in his fingers to add that 'badass' touch. Black slacks held loose to his torso, fedora tipped sideways on his head at times, with a gold scorpion pendant hanging in the crevice of his exposed chest from a necklace, the only jewelry the ocelot seemed to wear.

Devour's: (new) Who said nightmares don't come true? The devil itself, one might say, the monster was more suited to a horror film than reality. Abyssal-black scales are common traits of its kind, though here it was on land, with hooked talons, needle claws, and a boney, rigid figure, grotesquely shaped and shrunken, yet oddly (and intimidatingly) powerful. Giant jaws looked capable of catching a missile, with 6-inch long fangs that probably hurt even worse. Various illuminating lights pulsed on the predator's body in almost artistic patterns, a specific bulb hanging amid its face with an alluring glow, beckoning, despite the hungry stare in acidic green eyes right behind. 'Cause they're dead wrong.

Kross': Heaven doesn't want me.. Bitch was back, with bite. Hershey coat was marred by caramel spots on her shoulders, a band around both upper arms, and two sinfully inverted crosses down sinister slitted yellow eyes. Hair was a deep wine with bright violet streaks on her bangs, split by a pair of fox ears, double neon green bars at the top of each, and two vertical onyx horns. Nude, a gold two-tail scarf and bulky, metal-studded belt the only accessories, besides the miniature chain links around her arms and ankles. Giant, yet adorably fluffy tail swang behind her, tri-colored with black, orange and hot pink, matching the colossal pair of demonic bat wings sprouting from her spine. And Hell won't let me go..

Magnet's: Rude little prick was ready for a second round. Ivory hair was streaked with white cut short and punkish, though at the end it tapered into a long elegant tail to rest at his back. Giant gray jackal ears twitch irritatedly on his head, bi-colored eyes of blue and red shifting about constantly in apprehension. His pale, lightweight form almost made him look feminine, though his attitude was far from that, obvious by his loose faded white wifebeater, etched with a gold M, and navy trousers weighed down by a large magnet-buckled belt, exposing lightning bolt boxers - totally badass! Whip-like plug tail and giant tattered wings with a plus sign on one, and a minus on the other, made him more confusing than anything though.

Monyca's: Radiance in physical form; the elf female was truly a sight. Golden hair straight and true, ending at mid-back, with a violet metal headband encircling her brow, etched with archaic Elvish text. Pale blue eyes see the world as a cold, heartless place, and unlike most of her kind, she was a warrior, not some passive mage, although she was neither now - a slave she had become. Her change of dress was off; a long, oversized white tee, and a short, matching skirt, they did not match the look of elegance that most elves were noted for. Fair skin and smooth curves were more than enough to prove her such a creature however; the long, pointed ears removing any further doubt.

I have more, but don't want to fill it all up lol
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