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Author Topic: Art Raffle - ends the weekend of the 25th!  (Read 715 times)

Offline Aries

Art Raffle - ends the weekend of the 25th!
«: September 13, 2009, 11:52:27 AM»
Or maybe right before October, depending how it moves along.

[Please note that the prizes may not be that great, but it all goes towards a master raffle which should be a whole lot more fun - I just want to make it more tantalizing for people to enter the big raffle by scraping up some more digos/gd through this raffle!

x-posted from my DA journal;

Okay - so if some of you Furcadians out there remember VincaWorks, which was great in theory but no one wanted to put out that much effort and, personally I, am just too vanilla to make it exciting, We had that thing back when for raising some GD for future contest-ness.

As such, I've figured out what to do with the 114 GD raised by giving it back to the community!

However, even if I were to 'raffle off' 114 GD, it's not a very tasty prize, so, I'm trying to scrape up more to add to the pot. More of what I'm trying to do is  http://owlypoof.webs.com/furcraffle.htm here, however, it is NOT open yet. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding it, though!

 :) art raffle  :)
So, here's the deal; I'm looking for donations, but given that not many people want to donate (when they could enter the raffle!) I just want to make the pool grow before doing the master GD raffle, so, I'm doing a bit of a raffle for some of my skillz so that those that choose to participate aka 'donate' to the raffle. Those amounts/items will go towards the 'GD' Raffle.

 :) what can I enter with?  :)
Items accepted: Non-expiring digos, portrait spaces, GD.

How much: 2gd for a chance, no limitation (as I'm trying to raise up the pool for the master raffle!)
If you put in a non-expiring digo you don't want anymore, that's cool but I'll have to base it's worth on the 'resale' (aka how Leonens are worth 50gd new on the market, but are about 25GD resale on furcadia/faz/fam markets, I'd credit you 25gd worth of chances, making the chance you'd win, making 12.5 entries to win (but for lifers I'll round any half chances up) For portrait spaces (5gd resale), I'm going to round down from 2.5 chances on account of their easy availability and value, which means that you'd get 2 chances unless you provide another space to make it even, or 1 gd extra, just because someone could enter 3 times easily with 6gd but it seems a little unfair to award 3 chances to 5gd in this case.

 :) art winnings  :)

2-20gd worth of gd worth if digo/gd entered gets the chance of a (remap) portrait by me
22-40gd worth of gd makes a second art spot of a picture by me (see my recent character work)
42-60gd worth gets a third art spot of a sketch session, at least three sketches.

More than that then I will add something like a more detailed picture, a 24 bit non remap port.. etc. The place winners get to pick which they want. If only 15 gd is raised, than the winner would get a portrait. if 35 gd is raised, first place gets to pick between a portrait and a picture, second place would get what first did not.
Any questions?

 :) how to enter  :)
Leave a note here or whisper Aries in-game to set up the trade. THE AMOUNTS WILL GO TO A DIFFERENT ALT, SO DO NOT GIFT TO ARIES. I will bring the alt 'Vinca Works' online at that time for the transaction. You can gift scales or items to 'Vinca Works' AT YOUR OWN RISK. I don't trust that I will see, or Furc's system will always activate the message of who gave what gift to atop the fact that DEP will NOT give me a log of who-transferred-what when it is gifted to the alt, and as far as I remember, the message is a pop-up and may not appear in logs.

Of course, I'll need to know your furcadia main contact name and one other contact you are easily reachable by (email or DA note pref.)

Once the raffle is over in two weeks, I'll roll for the winner(s).
Entries (numbers based on chances:
moar? :o

 :) donate to master raffle  :)
If you want to flat-out donate towards the pool of the master raffle, let me know.
If you want to participate in the raffle by lending your artistic skills, let me know!
the real deal will prob go through December. I hope to see it grow huge with donations or participation, since all the gd/items that go into it, are given back out!

 :) let me know if you have any questions!
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