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Author Topic: 1 GD Websites!  (Read 577 times)

Offline Wyndlily Sharphowl

1 GD Websites!
«: September 14, 2009, 02:53:11 PM»
I'm trying to (slowly) save for Life Butters for one of my characters. In addition to doing artwork, I'm also capable of writing basic enough HTML to make decent, low-frills character websites, such as:


If you would like a small, attractive, low-frills website such as this, read on!

I am offering website commissions for just 1GD. This includes:
--One image (text-based header); if you have other images you've already created/commissioned, they will be added in too as long as you have permission to use them
--basic HTML in the color scheme you requested.*
--a background image if you so request one; will be creative commons/free for 'commercial' use

*=This means a short CSS style sheet to make the links pretty; font type/color of your choosing, basic tables to organize information or to put text in.

I will e-mail you the HTML and header upon completion. If you want to have multiple pages, simply duplicate the HTML and write different stuff in each copy. I can help you with the basics within reason (as in, I won't become your personal HTML slave but I will try my best to help you).

Websites will be completed within days, often within hours. Part of the benefit of this is that there are no waiting lists or long turn-around periods.

If you're interested in a nice, basic website like this, give me a whisper on this character. If you do not get a response right away, please leave a detailed message. Thanks for looking!