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Author Topic: Avatar help?  (Read 986 times)

Offline Katto

Avatar help?
«: October 09, 2009, 12:19:34 PM»
Here's something I made 100%.

It's partially Ginga-styled, by the way, so the snout is supposed to be kinda square, and there are supposed to be those circle-muscles on the chest.

Now, I would like some help with this. If there's anything you see wrong, that looks silly, should be different etc. just point them out. Also, suggestions would be a big help. This is my first bear av, first av I made I'd actually concider using. So diagrams and tutorials are welcome.

I know it looks flat, but that's because I haven't shaded it yet. I will shade it, and I will also be editing those back poses most likely; making them a bit bigger to fit the other.

I was going for perspective; the closer it is, the bigger it is to you, so the front would be smaller than the back. But it dosn't seem to be working much.

I also notice now, the back facing av is complete fail on the sitting pose, and the face. I'll be redoing it for sure.
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Offline Sync

Re: Avatar help?
«Reply #1: October 09, 2009, 12:29:13 PM»
needs to be in furcadia's perspective.

the south facing poses just need to be plain redrawn, as they aren't following it at all. the north facing poses are better in terms of following the right perspective.

Offline alexandra

Re: Avatar help?
«Reply #2: October 09, 2009, 02:28:38 PM»
I don’t know how “Ginga-styled” you plan for this to be, but if so, use more references and not just for the torso of the body. The back legs are unlike any quadruped animal I’ve seen, and the ankles seem to be placed incorrectly. I’m finding that the anatomy of the picture looks similar to artwork found on “Hopeanuoli-galleria” and a bit of advice is to not reference off of fan-work if you’re doing so. If you want your avatar to be particularly “Ginga-styled” than you should reference right off Yoshihiro Takahashi’s original works.

The scale on the front-facing and the back facing bears are inconsistent and one looks smaller than the other. Try to draw the lines right next to each other because like Sync said, it’s best if you redo them to match the size of the front-facing bears.

Also, your bear has wolf anatomy, the back should be slightly compacted and slightly sloped.


Good luck.


Re: Avatar help?
«Reply #3: October 09, 2009, 07:05:00 PM»
Furcadia items and avatars are drawn in isometric perspective, not linear perspective. Don't attempt to make body part appear "smaller" in the distance, because it will not match with the game.

Quoting a post I made earlier on isometric perspective:

This is how isometric perspective works:

(please ignore my awful dog anatomy)

Every line that runs northeast (blue) will be parallel. Every line that runs northwest (red) will be parallel. Every line that runs north (green) will be parallel.

Each of these lines will correspond to the edges of a box. When you are making a figure, you are carving its form out of this box. Block out the major forms of the figure with boxes (the head, chest, pelvis, etc.) with edges that run parallel to the isometric grid. Inside these boxes, you can place the anatomically proper geometric shapes (I used a lot of cylinders and spheres). From these geometric shapes, you can work out the the final lines that will correspond both to the organic curves of your real subject and the isometric perspective you must set it in.

As an example, look at the quick sketch I did. The front paws are aligned along the NE parallel to their corresponding hind counterpart, and the adjacent paws are aligned along the NW parallel. Every edge of the barrel of the chest is aligned to the appropriate parallel -- I didn't just plop on a two dimensional oval, I considered it translucently and three dimensionally. Although I erased them, I drew out the edges of the cylinder that would normally be invisible to be sure the form I drew conformed to perspective. I didn't draw the neck and head running off to the side, I drew out the cylinder of the neck, three dimensionally, in the position it should be attached to the chest.

I made a few perspective errors myself (the body isn't aligned properly with the feet, while the edges of both the chest and feet should align with the green parallel), but it doesn't look like my freak mutant dog is falling over because I got the basic concept of parallel construction of geometric shapes down.


Another thing you should probably note is the standard Furcadia light source, which is positioned to the left and up (i.e., on a box, the top plane will be lightest, the left plane will be the mid tone, and the right plane will be the darkest). You seem to be shading your figures from the opposite direction.

Bears are not digitigrade (walk on the toes, e.g. canines, felines), they are plantigrade (foot is flat on the ground, e.g. humans, squirrels). Their hind leg anatomy is more similar to humans than it is to canines. Don't recycle your knowledge of other animals when you approach a new species for the first time, take the effort to actually examine what makes that animal distinct.

This tutorial has only a brief section on bears, but it should help you visualize its muscle groups and compare it to other, more familiar animals:

Of course, the best thing to do is to study from pictures of actual bears, which you can find all over the internet.

Offline Katto

Re: Avatar help?
«Reply #4: October 09, 2009, 07:18:37 PM»
To Sync and Matter: Thanks for your help, especially those diagrams. I know just by looking it it (This was done quite awhile ago, just never got around to putting it anywhere) that now it needs an overhaul. I'll try to make it fit to the grid better, especially paw and head position.

But I'm a bit confused... by south facing, do you mean facing the veiwer, or facing away? Because on furc facing the veiwer is south, and I really thought those were the better poses.

By the way, Matter, the paw is like that because it's walking forward, so like a human, I expect it to walk heel-toe, heel-toe. The foot is leaving the ground and pushing forward, so the toes touch, the heel does not. (:

To Alex: Well, I'm used to drawing wolves, so that was expected. I tried to make the 'hump', but it just looks like neck fluff I guess. I also realize now that yes, the back-facing bear needs a huge facelift. It needs to be bigger, and the legs need to look more like the ones on the front.

And as for how styleized, I tried to make it a bit of a cross between more realistic and the ginga-style. Keeping most of the prominant to it like the chest, somewhat the head, and the legs/paws. The fur, of course, isn't really much like it, because well.. I have a habit of making things overly fluffy.

Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it.
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