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Author Topic: Price this?  (Read 796 times)

Offline Grumpyskunk

Price this?
«: October 12, 2009, 10:13:09 AM»
Just out of curiosity. Yeah I know it's not perfect and the shading is probably crazy wonky cause I changed my light source in the middle. Plus I fail at shading in the first place xD

Not really looking for it right now but if you're going to crit be gentle but honest. I'm trying out a new style with remapable ports lately. x3


Offline Sedde

Re: Price this?
«Reply #1: October 12, 2009, 12:19:41 PM»
Agreed, shading is very inconsistent. Some parts are pillow-shaded, others are just straight gradient from one side to the other. The lines in general are very messy and blocky. However, the pose is interesting (and difficult!) and, well, you get brownie points in general for a voluptuous character. The background definitely looks like it has some promise, too.

Anaaaatomy. :c Studying it will help you go far. I'd recommend veering away from furc ports for now -- try doodling and sketching from references more.

ANYWAY I'd price this at about 5GD tops. Sorry for all the crit.

Offline Grumpyskunk

Re: Price this?
«Reply #2: October 12, 2009, 12:24:54 PM»
-thumbs up- That's usually what I do but I didn't like how the pose looked when I doodled it so I decided to try to pixelate it x3 Your crits are much appreciated

Also I didn't do the background. A sorta fairy tale was given 'em out for free x3
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