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Author Topic: New image. Please help.  (Read 913 times)

Offline Suzy

New image. Please help.
«: October 23, 2009, 10:14:15 PM»

There's the work in progress so far. It's one of the pieces I will use for reference to my current skill level before starting on the lessons in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The link to the reference I used is in the artist comments as well as a couple of observations.

I think my sight drawing is getting better, at least.

Anyway, I think I might want to finish this one up (in gray scale, color is not a good idea right now), so I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Red lines, or whatever you want. I just appreciate the help.

Thank you.
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Re: Critique my in-class boredom sketch?
«Reply #1: October 24, 2009, 07:54:57 AM»
An improvement, but it's still very flat. You're still relying too heavily on symbolism is place of an intuitive understanding of the three dimensional features of the face. Some specific mistakes you've made are:

MASSIVE SIDE EYE; the eye is rather thin in profile, and while you've made somewhat of an effort to make it not look like it's facing straight on, it's still getting there.

Drawing correct eyes does not involve taking your hueg animu eyes and just making them tiny. Seriously -- reference real eyes and learn how to draw them as they appear, don't just flail around aimlessly trying to contort your preconceived animu symbolism into a correct proportion. When I say "start over", I mean it -- start over and forget everything you know about art, because futilely drawing influence from your incorrect learnings is going to make it harder for you to learn this than if you knew nothing and assumed nothing.

The entire construction of the front of the face and the jaw in profile is essentially a single flat line. This pays no respect to the actual dimensional form of the face. If you draw with lines, and think with lines, it's going to look like it's made of line -- you can make a line drawing look like it has depth and comprehensive form, but this skill isn't acquired by repeatedly drawing flat faces with flat lines. As you study anatomy, use value; you will learn how three dimensionality works much more quickly if you render in a manner that is actually representative of the properties you're trying to understand. While line drawing is simpler than value rendering, it's technically a more advanced technique; understanding of proper line drawing is usually reached through value study, because a proper line drawing is conscious of value even when it does not literally represent any to the viewer.

Most of your attempts at musculature seem to substitute, again, flat lines for actual knowledge of the muscles/body structure (particularly the neck). You seem to know that a muscle should be there, but you don't actually seem to understand how this muscle acts or connects beyond the changes to surface contour and line it's supposed to create. This is also true for most of the facial features you've drawn, which you seem to understand in a very detached and symbolic way rather than through the system of interconnected protruding and receding planes the face is actually composed of.

Assuming both faces are intended to be the same character, you've paid very little attention to keeping the proportions and features actually consistent. The tops of the heads start around the same place, but the front facing head is considerably longer vertically (although the front head appears to have much less volume in the hair, making it look even longer comparatively); the hairline is jagged on the front while it is smooth on the profile; the profile's stray hair originates from the center peak and reaches back over the temple without intersecting the eyebrow, while the side's is off center and intersects the eyebrow; the front's eyebrows are rounder and higher relative to the position of the eyes, while the eyes themselves are much lower on the head; the front's ears are smaller, and indeed too small on both heads; the front's lips are considerably rounder in shape, and are further from the chin; the shoulders and sternum are lower on the front head; the trapezius is much less pronounced in the profile; etc. You've ignored the lines while constructing the faces in probably the only situation lined paper could have possibly been useful for anything. There are many more inconsistencies caused mostly by a combination of a lack of attention to actually observing consistencies and lack of anatomical knowledge of which these consistencies should be based.

Most of the anatomy and proportion is, to put it succinctly, wrong; any corrections I could suggest for this specific piece would basically amount to telling you to start over, again, with a proper reference and a decent instructor. Read Loomis, Bridgman, Vilppu and Hogarth until your eyes melt out of your head. If you want to start trying value drawings like I suggest, look into http://www.huevaluechroma.com/ for information on light and shadow (and color as well, but that's not so important to you at your current level for now).

p.s. i'm tired so i'm not even going to expend the effort of proofreading this shit, if there are any hanging sentences kindly ignore them and pity me for my lack of sleep

Offline Suzy

Re: Critique my in-class boredom sketch?
«Reply #2: October 24, 2009, 12:00:20 PM»
Thank you very much, I did expect the "start over" part since I know it has to happen. Once I get my free will back (volleyball season lol), I'll hopefully have the time to actually go through all of this reading material I'm accumulating.

I'm glad that there was a slight improvement.

Your sentences look fine, go get some proper sleep.

Offline Suzy

Re: New image. Please help.
«Reply #3: December 12, 2009, 02:12:27 AM»
Posts above this one pertain to a different sketch, please ignore them.