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Author Topic: JESS' CENTIPEDE DESIGN CONTEST WHOOOO!  (Read 837 times)

Offline /gage/

«: October 24, 2009, 01:42:24 AM»
A CONTEST BY JESS (not me >__>):

I need your help with a design for Centipede, in exchange for the minuim amount of $15.

His design needs to be considered creepy, scary, and FRIGHTENING, however realistic all the same.

Centipede's color code consists of dark colors, however you may also use his color code: [ t%(#7J=;;;5$&$ ]

Please keep in mind that Centipede is a wolf, and lives in Yellowstone, so please keep his design realistic. He can have the following accessories: bandanas/cloths, collars, harnesses, necklaces, tracking collars, tracking ear(body) tags. The pose used in your drawing has to be something unique, as well as it's background; headshots and lineart are not welcomed without approval. Headshots are only welcomed for those artists submitting portraits.

I prefer Centipede to have some unique scars, and facial expression. Upon entering the contest, you must tell me which you sort of art you will be submitting into the contest, as all are welcomed. (Example; "I will be making a portrait.")

Portrait remaps are entirely up to the artist themselves, however the background must be of this game screen.

Each artist is allowed to submit up to three drawings.

All drawing must be completed and submitted by November 3rd; winners will be announced on November 6th.
A motto and possible html layout is optional.

- Anna
- Kass
- Lee
- Akarui