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Author Topic: What got you into drawing?  (Read 5627 times)

Offline Davis

What got you into drawing?
«: January 03, 2008, 01:18:32 AM»
Since this is an art forum it seemed fitting :o

I got into drawing when I met this old friend i used to have who drew a lot, she used to always draw so much and brag about it, so I used to get mad and I wanted to practice and get better then she did ><

I didn't make it but she turned out to be a total mean-butt, egotistic artist.

But the more I drew the more people said they liked it, and the more I found it to be kinda stress reducing and a time killer, so I kept on going even though I wasn't trying to compete with my old friend anymore. :p

So what got you interested in drawing?


Offline lolo

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #1: January 03, 2008, 01:55:28 AM»
Uh. Always was interested in regular NORMAL art as a kid like wif Pokemon and Batman shit, but only started doing like...animal people after mucho personal inhibition.
I remember like uh..looking at Chow Mein and Silverwing on VCL before it required approval for artists and being all LOOK AT THAT WOAH COOL. but was all..ohshit they're animals, that's creepy.

still, even now i am terrified someone will know OHSHIT LOLO DRAWS CATPEOPLES.

oh and biker mice from mars of course.
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Offline Tate

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #2: January 03, 2008, 05:12:26 AM»
I never used to want to draw. I mean, at one point, I wanted to draw my character Saethryth, because I wanted people to know what she looked like. So I did that. It was my only drawing (That I didn't immidiately get bored with and ball up. It was crappy, but it was my masterpeice.)...until I walked in to sixth grade.

I sat at the wrong lunch table...and across from me was http://spamthefox.deviantart.com . The little devil was drawing really crappy sonic fan art.. but at the time, it was wonderous, beautiful...and made me horribly jealous. Not only did she have good looks, friends, and bought school lunch...but she could /draw/ better than me?!

So, for two  years, while I slowly made friends with her, we were also obvious rivals (if not admirers of eachother) in art.

After those two years, I moved away... and, due to my lack of social skills, found that art was my only way of fitting in. That, and I was hooked, by the time.

And now? I draw for myself, for the people I love, for the man I love, and just to get a larger ego. xD It works.


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Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #3: January 03, 2008, 04:36:45 PM»
Wow, it was a loooong time ago.. before I can remember, even. I guess it was in my blood, really. My mother and older brother drew at some point, and I guess I just happened to as well.
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Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #4: January 03, 2008, 07:03:32 PM»
I drew when I was a wee thing because I couldn't listen to anything without doing something with my hands.
Then I got into horses and I started meticulously copying horses out of books that I had (that were about horses.) Then I found my brothers D&D books and they had wtfdragons, which is a WAY better steed than a horse, so I started drawing those. Then my brother started drawing animes and furres and I started copying him because I thought that everything he did was awesome.
Then people at school thought that I was good and they told me that I should be in art, so I went into art, but I felt stifled (like most unskilled people do) and gave that up, but kept drawing with the different mediums.
Now I just do it because I've always done it. That and when you crochet and carve and sculpt, drawing is a relief. And much cheaper.
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Offline Tangent

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #5: January 03, 2008, 11:31:32 PM»
I hate to sound like a money-grubbing American... but people pay A LOT for good art. Albeit i'm quite far from $20 a pop, I feel that in time I could potentially use my art as a substantial (part-time) income.

Offline Mala

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #6: January 04, 2008, 03:06:56 PM»
Ahh, from what my parents say, I've been drawing since I was three. Of course, those were great masterpieces of circles with stick legs and arms, but I improved...slowly xD

I didn't get serious with drawing until I was in third grade, when the two girls sitting across from me were talking about Neopets, and me, being curious, had to butt in and ask 'whats that?' So, we chatted for awhile, and Rin, (Astronaut on Furc/Forums) the first girl, taught me how to create an account, and she tried to see what I would draw my pet as. And after that, we proceeded onto other sites, and started creating our own images. She showed me everything, and without her, I wouldn't have met a lot of people that are my close friends. Of course, we became best friends, and we still are today. x)

Sappy story, no?

Offline Azula

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #7: January 04, 2008, 10:53:38 PM»

no lies.

Offline Skink

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #8: January 05, 2008, 05:15:50 AM»
I enjoyed drawing since I could pick up a pencil. I still remember, surprisingly well, my first drawing that wasn't just circles and colors. It was a pig...it was gonna be a circle, but I went HAY A PIG. So I gave it some legs and a snout and eyes, and made a bunch of flies around it and smell lines and a bunch of mud. And I was so proud, showing it to everybody "hey my first real drawing!" I think it's still around here somewhere.

Then came Pokemon. Me and three other buddies in my 4th grade class (who I haven't talked to since then and they probably wouldn't recognize me now) were majorly in to it. One kid was talking about this amazing thing his brother had that could put pictures from real life on a computer (a scanner, we had no idea what it was then) and I thought up the idea to make my own pokemon comic and we'd print it out for our little "club" and only we would have issues, nobody else! By that point we were just doing what every poke-crazed kid did: making our own cards.

In seventh grade I got back in to comics, and made another one that's really lame to me now but everybody loved it then. I was encouraged, and kept drawing. Ended up meeting my best friend through drawing, and we wrote a massive story together that turned in to another comic, ect. All of it ended up forgotten lol.

......so I guess I should have just said "I started drawing cuz of a circular pig."

Offline Sync

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #9: January 05, 2008, 10:53:08 AM»
i like drawing the world at first. like, looking at a chair with a teddy bear on it and drawing that.

i didn't get into fantasy until i started reading novels with dragons and wolves and stuff. that's where i started to draw those.

Offline Rae

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #10: January 08, 2008, 11:55:22 AM»
I saw some really nice artwork from my friend katryn a LONG time ago, and decided to try it... I wasnt all that good at the time, I could draw dragons maybe, and that was the extent of it.
I got better the last couple years, and money and digos motivated, as someone as a friend, said they'd give me life classics for a full body art. I did it, and he came through even though it wasnt great, he was a good guy, and he said my art was good even if it wasn't. No names mentioned though.

Offline Cowboy

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #11: January 08, 2008, 02:02:14 PM»
When I was really little, I liked to draw my dogs. Dogs were always my favorite thing to draw as a kid. :D

But what really triggered my love of drawing was Pokemon and Digimon when I was in Elementary.
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Offline Zodiac

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #12: January 08, 2008, 05:20:28 PM»
Hmm.. well from what I remember and what I was always told, I always loved to draw since I was a really little kid. What I remember being the biggest open door for me to REALLY start drawing and improving, though, was drawing Pokemon. What got me into anthro art, was drawing PokeMorphs.

Offline Cameil

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #13: January 08, 2008, 05:41:49 PM»
I was never really into art until grade six with my best friend. She started to draw the characters we would create based on the stories we would write and different shows we watched. It used to make me so angry because she would go an and on about how bad she was even though she was like five million times better then any of our friends. One day I had had enough so to prove to her that she was amazing I tried my hand and drawing one of my characters… that failed horribly when I discovered I was actually good. I got a lot of complements so I kept drawing and drawing and drawing so people would notice me.

In grade seven I discovered anime and fell in love with the style.  I started drawing like mad, filling almost 9 sketchbooks in one year.  Now it’s all I do.

Offline Pocketmew

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #14: January 08, 2008, 09:50:45 PM»
Wow, this is a wonderful topic! x3

Hrm, how'd I start drawing....I don't remember much due to my short attention span, but I started off drawing little pie-faced-dogs. My first drawing (so my parents said) was when I was 4ish. But my real art hit was when I started drawing at Suta-raito Oekaki (They sure have changed from the loveable oafs it was before) anyways, I joined up there and started my little pie faced kitty and puppy craze. I saw some people saying weird things like *C&C plz* That started it. I started asking people for critisizm on my art, that of which was very harsh. I started to learn from them though. I developed my art into a cutsey style.

Well I met my friend Amanda whom was an AMAZING artist. Me and her spent days just spending the night at each other's house and drawing. That got me hooked even more than I've ever been. Of course I recently started drawing again due to people actually half-liking I still don't believe I'm good enough for liking xD but half-liking enough for me to draw for them. I hardly get paid but when I do its like christmas cookies the day before christmas! Heavenly. I adore drawing, and I adore making others happy with my drawing :>

Offline Bayleigh

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #15: January 09, 2008, 11:54:26 PM»
I really started drawing.. When I got pulled out of home school and into public school. I was so bored, the only thing I could think of doing was doodling. The doodles turned into inks, paintings, etc, until it became actual art.

Offline Safiye

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #16: January 10, 2008, 03:37:25 PM»
wow, I'm sort of shocked by how many people have said that pokemon got them started or restarted them. I feel so old. I can't remember any time in my life when I didn't spend hours drawing. I have no idea what got me started, it just seems like it's naturally always been a part of my life. By the time pokemon was on TV it wasn't even a question. Plus... honestly I couldn't stand that show. >.>

Offline Wani

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #17: January 12, 2008, 03:51:27 AM»
I hated art classes in school. And i never really drew that much as a kid.
Of course i doodled sometimes, but i never really drew like.. 24/7.

So. Pokemons. I can't remember when it happened, but i'm thinking in the end of 199X
or beginning of 2000.

I got in to Pokemon. I started making Pokemon sites, and to get graphics,
i started searching the interwebs, and what do you know? I found MewHeart.
MewHeart had (has?) tons of usable graphics and stuff, so it was like omgwow.

I also noticed that there was something named 'oekaki' there, so i decided to check it out..

My first drawing there was, i think, one of my Neopets. xP
And it was horrible. But people gave some crits and comments, so i decided to stay.

And i stayed and doodled there for.. erm.. years? Met nice people there, like
Turq and Snake and Pez and Castro, atleast? Now the Oekaki there is closed down, but that site and the people really got me in to drawing. Because before that, art wasn't really part of my interests. And through that site i heard about Furcadia.

So really, the answer is simple. POKEMANZ. :}
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Offline Lord

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #18: January 12, 2008, 09:57:22 PM»

well, when i was really young, i used to have a closetful of those colouring books, and my mom would buy me new crayons and books all the time 'cause it kept me busy. i enjoyed it a lot. not one picture in my books went uncoloured.


sometime in the first/second grade (my colouring had slowly dwindled to almost nothing), we had to draw something from a book we had just read. there was a rooster in it.. so i drew that. i think i might still have it somewhere, lol, but anyways! people were behind me, watching me draw, staring, and it freaked me out a lot. after that i never drew anything.


i joined furcadia. i still didnt draw for a good few months, until i wanted to draw a picture for Sailorz (Saioka now). it was horrid, but that started me off drawing again.

thats it.. lol

Offline Adielle

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #19: January 13, 2008, 12:33:44 AM»
I originally started drawing as a kid because I always saw my older brother doodling and I looked up to him.  He is more of a political cartoonist and abstract artist, but I just loved his stuff and so I started putting my thoughts on paper as well.  Its easy to tell we obviously have completely different styles, but he was definitely the reason I started, and I love him so much because of it.  :p
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Offline Kuruku

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #20: January 13, 2008, 09:44:27 AM»
I dunno. I remember my mom saying that I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil/crayon/marker. Ahaha. So... I guess, nothing? I didn't get real serious about it until Pokemon and Anime, though xD

Offline Schwarz

Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #21: January 14, 2008, 11:35:55 PM»
I've always been interested in drawing because I have a lot of pictures in my head. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the hang of it. Turns out my mental pictures translated much easier into words than drawings.

However, maybe it's along a similar vein, I got into webdesign manymany years ago. Like.. I think probably when I was about 12-13. An old friend of mine used to show me all of her websites, & I was just fascinated by how all those lines of text could become such a pretty layout.

I never read any HTML books (the few I thumbed through just seemed way too confusing), so everything I know now, & probably everything I ever will learn, has been self-taught or shown to me by more learned friends.

I'll never be an artist in the traditional sense, but I love the fact that people who are very talented in that area can look at my layouts & think of them as an art. & while money has never been the main focus, I still find it very flattering when someone likes my work enough to pay for their own.

If anybody had told me when I started that people would someday pay me to make them websites, I would have laughed.  (:
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Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #22: January 15, 2008, 09:09:27 AM»
When I was smaller I wanted to be better at drawing than my sister, who it came naturally to.

I think I did good.

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Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #23: January 15, 2008, 11:22:52 AM»
what got me drawing was my mother xD
she was always painting, and being the person I am, thought I could get the same effect when using colored pencils  ::)
But yes, she was my art idol.
Now that she dosnt draw/paint, I dont do the same, I draw different stuff on my own.
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Re: What got you into drawing?
«Reply #24: January 16, 2008, 09:30:16 PM»
I used to draw a lot, I used to love it. But, I just stopped enjoying it after awhile, so I don't try anymore. Any art that comes out of me is a stick figure with limited details, haha. But I was really into drawing and stuff when I met Turq, Snake, Wani, ect. It was the highlight of my day to come home from school and draw fucking pokemon and talk to my internet friends on Mewheart and AIM.

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