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Author Topic: Descs for cheep 5sd  (Read 559 times)

Offline Aubrey The Cat

Descs for cheep 5sd
«: November 25, 2009, 12:27:21 AM»
I will do realy good Rp decs for just 5 sd because I have nothing better to do. My descs are cheep because Im not much of a person who likes bugging pepole for there money here are some examples!

Old mage desc from years ago:
<b>A red mage able to control fire aproches. She had long blonde hair and wore a red and brown witch hat. She had a long stiched robe that covered her body. Her nick name " Flarest " Her ablitys consisted of powders and large firey expolesions athough shes just a student. [Age: 14][Family: None][Friends: Kristen the Cat " Healest " Bailey the Cat " Darkerest"]</b>

My desc for now:<b><a href=http://aubrey-the-cat.deviantart.com/art/sawnic-port-preview-110774024>Port Artist</a ></b> <b><a href=http://aubrey-the-cat.deviantart.com/art/Another-pic-of-aubrey-D-111542821>Reff</a ></b> <b><a href=http://aubrey-the-cat.deviantart.com/>DA</a ></b> <b>[Please donate: $1.00/$50.00]</b> <b>[wishlist: Life foxen, Dragon, Silver sponsorship, Life catten , Kitterwing, and Furling]</b> <b> [Staff/Art helper at ToU][<3:None D:]

The one I made my friend: You see a young man about the size of a 14 year old. He had pale white skin that turned a crispy tan color when in the sun. He wore a long white lab coat with oil stains all over it and his matching white pants. Under his lab coat he wore a black undershirt that you could see because he never buttoned the coat. He had black boots with scuffs and stains all over. He covered his black eyes in his blue glasses has he watches himself clone Sonic to make clones that can destory the world. [20 rl and ic][Luv:][Clone and Pet: Sonic-Chan.]

My friend kristen's that a wrote:
Tails' best friend ( Besides Sonic ) She loves Tails more then any one and has the ablity to fly and swim. She has longer hair and wiskers then tails and her fur is fluffyer. She loved blue! Blue blue blue thats all she would wear untill her sister Fly made her wear black pants and shoes. She swallowed a Angel heart emerald at the age of 5. She is now 12 and lives with her sister fly in a workshop over in station square. [Family: Fly the Fox]

One of my bots:
These Gears Creek and MOAN. [Bot, Money holder, and Uploader of Hollow Fields!]

Realy Realy old desc:
A adult shadow chao floats before you. He Smiles and then says "Hiiiiiii!" and becomes your friend quite fast. He looked to strange to call him a shadow chao. He had green eyes aquadic blue hair and markings and grayish chest fur. He also had a wonderful blueish glow to him. One day his friend Knux Chao got beaten to death... That is when the blue glowing turned purple and he became one of your worst nightmares! Mephiles though in his heart you could still see its still the same. He beat the person who killed his friend and turned back into a chao hugging you and wishing he didn't hurt pepole.   [Owner: Aubrey the Cat][age:4][Skills: Dark blast] [I am a bot]

You see a human girl stand across the room. She had white hair that was short in the back and had strands tied up with silver ribbon in the front. She wore a light blue tube top, light blue sleaves, a long light blue skirt, and a pair of black sandals with ribbon around them. She had one green eye exposed the other was red. She had a fire tatoo all around her body makeing her look has if she wasn't alive. She looked at you and vanashed has she waved her 2 bladed wepon. [ Selling port art to buy a port space! Whisper for details.] [pets: Magin Stevenson]

first part of my desc now:
<b>I'm under your bed waiting...</b>                      <b>waiting to strike you toes...</b>                                         <b>and waiting to be me.</b>   <b>Ports: <a href=http://aubrey-the-cat.deviantart.com/art/sawnic-port-preview-110774024>1</a >  <a href=http://aubrey-the-cat.deviantart.com/art/uni-port-D-110978132>2</a ></b> <b>Reffs: <a href=http://aubrey-the-cat.deviantart.com/art/Another-pic-of-aubrey-D-111542821>1</a ></b> <b>My <a href=http://aubrey-the-cat.deviantart.com/>DA</a ></b> <b>[Please donate: $0.00/$50.00]</b> <b>[wishlist: Life foxen, Dragon, Silver sponsorship, Life catten (when they come out), Kitterwing, and Furling]</b> <b> [Upperground Resistance at ToU] [Staff/Art helper at ToU][<3: none/looking][dead]

Thanks for reading and please think about it