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Author Topic: What qualifies as art theft?  (Read 1324 times)


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What qualifies as art theft?
«: December 09, 2009, 11:52:40 AM»
I know this sounds really retarded, but I just want to get things cleared up before I go questioning a person or so...

If someone has a link to an image in their desc on Furc, is that theft?
Also, is using photographic images theft as well?

Now, for moral reasons I don't use a reference picture unless I had it commissioned, but you see plenty of people on Furc using art for their characters that isn't theirs. Before I raise an alarm on people, I do want to get things clear.

Linking to a Deviant art image and claiming their "friend" drew it?

Thank you all for tolerating my questions. Just didn't want to look like a retard and report something if it's ok to use art as refs.


Offline Heimdall

Re: What qualifies as art theft?
«Reply #1: December 09, 2009, 12:09:51 PM»
People have varying opinions on what constitutes theft. In my opinion, if someone takes an image that wasn't made for them without asking the artist, and they base their character on that design and/or they claim it was made for/by them, it is theft. If someone takes an image without permission and says "This is a loose idea of what my character is" it's more forgivable, especially if they credit the artist. In any case, of course, asking the artist for permission is key. I don't see why it would be different for photographs.

Offline Kusatsu

Re: What qualifies as art theft?
«Reply #2: December 17, 2009, 01:36:57 PM»
To some level it's subjective and I'm not sure how this board defines it, but in my eyes the main issue is permission and who it's created for.

If somebody reposts something or claims it's their character they are basically saying 'this is mine'. That's fine if it's gift art or a commission FOR that person, but if it's not then IMO it's theft. Ditto if they dont approach the artist who created it and ask if they can use it.

If somebody lacks references, but say approaches someone about a drawing, or has in their desc a link to a picture and says 'my character looks kinda like this, but this is actually someone else's' I take a more relaxed view of it but really, they still have no business using something like that without permission. Wouldnt call it theft though since they arent claiming ownership. If it's being used WITH permission though then I dont see a problem.

That goes for both art and photographs, though with photographs it's not just the photographer who owns it but also the model and it should be okayed with them both.