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Author Topic: Neca's reviews!  (Read 868 times)

Offline neca

Neca's reviews!
«: December 13, 2009, 03:37:24 AM»
Clients listed in alphabetical order. This is for people who have commissioned me or I have traded with.

Fey We did an art trade. She's fabulous and I love her and her port she made me is ridiculously cute.

Flox Flox was really nice to work with. She had details she wanted but otherwise allowed me free reign, and was really good to talk to during the process. Very patient and undemanding.

Gethsemane Geths was very nice, prompt with payment, and clear about what she wanted. I've done ports for her in the past and the most recent was just as lovely as the times before.

Griple Prompt payment, good information for references. Great person to draw for.

Melodique This was a super satisfactory art trade! She was so nice and polite and understanding and I would definitely recommend her!

Nomi Nomi is a joy to work with. She has commissioned me in the past. She's patient, prompt with payment, and overall a wonderful person to work for.

Relax Relax is so sweet and has nice, appealing characters to draw. I love her (and her sister Afflict) to bits, and would draw for them any day.

Rew I've known Rew for years and he was so great to work for!

Sai Timberfield Sai was an excellent client. I found her on the Furcadia forums searching for a port artist. Payment was prompt, she was easygoing and easy to contact.

Shoebox Shoebox told me about the type of payment taking a long time and kept me regularly updated. He was great to work with: gave interesting ideas and details without being super nitpicky.
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