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Author Topic: neeeeed character art bird/anthro/plant  (Read 1875 times)

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neeeeed character art bird/anthro/plant
«: December 25, 2009, 09:38:11 AM»
soooo, this is the business. it's christmas. i'm loaded. i feel like making a new character because my creative sesspools have dried up and i-i it's just so ~unfair
anyways, to catch up with the hip glambam of this new day, i've got a sort of awkward request. i'd much prefer if prices didn't rocketship over 50-60 bucks but, hey, you can't be the winner of everything.
it'd be nice if you did nice art. nice art = pay pay pay pay pay mula wonga money cash-in-hand
anyways, down to the basics. my character (hopefully cheech, if gacht sells me it sob sob) is basically uh, well. he's a bird of paradise ....plant
yeah, i know the logic doesn't work but i don't question why reindeers fly and a big fat man rocketships around the earth in one night. my imagination says yes ):
he's sort of mixed with some kind of bird, so, pretty feathering
basically he's going to be slim, overzealous, overmarked ass with feathers in stupid places and a generally obnoxious look about him. oh, and you know the emperor from final fantasy? that hair. is. beautiful.
i'll also be loooking for a port artist or something too, soo.
if you cann doublewhammy it that'd be badass
i really appreciate some detail, and pretty colouring would be god, i'm willing to pay of course, i'll give more details to anyone who wants them.

you can contact me on [email protected] or PM c: or this board.
sankyou! and yeah i bolded some points because i ramble like a bitch and i'm sure you can't be arsed to preen through iddy bitty font

oh and i'm salutations on furc

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Offline Suzy

Re: art wanted man - - - bird/anthro/plant, hit me up, i've got cash
«Reply #1: December 25, 2009, 03:17:08 PM»
Oh hay your link is broken. :(

My shit's not that fantastically awesome but if you want to pay a couple GDs for a sketch, hit me up. http://www.uzikyo.deviantart.com

Offline parasite

Re: art wanted man - - - bird/anthro/plant, hit me up, i've got cash
«Reply #2: December 25, 2009, 06:55:58 PM»
fix'd c;
ahaha, i'm not asking for miricles. all i want is a base design really
i just flaunt it like some sort of jackass
i'll checkit out~

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Re: art wanted man - - - bird/anthro/plant, hit me up, i've got cash
«Reply #3: December 25, 2009, 09:05:00 PM»
Visit my site-> http://rext-rex.webs.com

currently have alts on sale! http://altmarket.net/index.php?topic=31876.msg468272#msg468272

I am adorifying!

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Paypal only please.


Re: neeeeed character art bird/anthro/plant
«Reply #5: March 22, 2010, 12:51:56 PM»
um.. this thread is 3 months old.