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Author Topic: Jacki's Boring Reviews  (Read 1053 times)


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Jacki's Boring Reviews
«: March 22, 2008, 02:53:49 PM»
Oh yeah. What else could my reviews be? Boring, unexciting Blah! XD

Never made a review thing before, so dont yell at me if i do things wrong:: I'm putting up sections, on how i see things, and i'll post my reasonings. ^^
Akuda:: She was the person i first commissioned for a portrait of Hypoglycemia. It turned out wonderful. She did it in a wonderful amount of time, no hassles at all. I'd be glad to commission her again for any character of mine the moment i get money!

Cletus:: They were doing free portraits, and i felt like putting my easier character on it, since i'm only looking for ports of Hypo and Jacki. They have potential of doing portrait art, but when i recieved the portrait, i noticed that it looked very different from my character Jacki, it looked more like a rein formed Anthro version of Hypo. So i asked kindly if instead i could use it on Hypo, and got a go ahead. Thats about the only complaint i could give. But They are WORTH commissioning.

Scarlet Paws:: She did a portrait for free for me of my character Hypoglycemia, and i love it. Fits the character, and she did it quick and there was no hassle at all! She's worth commissioning when i get money!

Sync:: Out of no where she messaged me saying she made me a free portrait. [ unless she said she was gonna make me one, what a horrible memory on me!] And oh my was it beautiful. I fell in love with it. She is worth a commission, and whenever i get ahold of money, i will make sure to either 1.) Commission her, or just randomly donate XD <33

If i forgot you, tell me and i'll try to remember things! xD
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Re: Jacki's Boring Reviews
«Reply #1: March 22, 2008, 03:48:26 PM»
Reviews are not to be sorted by any form of "good/bad" categorization. It is suggested you sort your list by Date or Alphabetically.

Read the rules please. :)


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Re: Jacki's Boring Reviews
«Reply #2: March 22, 2008, 05:08:15 PM»
Oh...alright...i'll get rid of the good/bad categories