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Author Topic: Okami Amaterasu Port! & other pre-mades <3.  (Read 906 times)

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Okami Amaterasu Port! & other pre-mades <3.
«: January 02, 2010, 12:46:15 AM»
NEW! Selling pre-made Okami Amaterasu portrait for about $5 paypal or best offer! Don't be afraid to make a haggle (:. Message me or whisper me on Crosser if interested. Preview:

I'm selling two female anthro portraits; one feline, and the other lapine. They're both sort of general, but I'll gladly personalize them (with jewelery, clothes, etc) for the buyer if desired <3. I'm asking either $5 a piece in paypal or GD, or other offers (willing to haggle!). You may contact me either here, or furcadia (Crosser), AIM (lOV3PiiNKkx3), or email ([email protected]).

Here they are previewed:

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Re: Feline & Lapine Female Anthro Premades (:
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Re: Okami Amaterasu Port! & other pre-mades <3.
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