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Author Topic: Cheap desc writin'?!  (Read 786 times)

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Cheap desc writin'?!
«: January 02, 2010, 05:44:30 PM»
That is right, my friends. A few people have complimented my skeelz at writing descriptions, both for myself and for a couple of my friends. So, I decided to open my writing to the public!

Now, I'll charge 1-2 GDs per description, and all that. Also, I will chop off your fingers if you steal my example descriptions. D:<

She appeared almost delicate, with her over-long legs and dainty frame, but hard muscles hid beneath her light tan fur. Splashes of blue litter her body, as well as a row of indigo spikes racing down her back. Twin curled horns, tipped in that same indigo as her spikes, protruded from her head, as well as a single, slightly curved horn. Front paws appeared to be dipped in black ink, tipped with claws of brilliant blue, that seem to glow under certain lights. Poor thing was the result of genetic expirements, though she had been sent free and had managed to make quite a living for herself amongst her wild kin.

A little feral bat, with nothing out of the ordinary, so it would seem. Bristly brown fur covered most of his little body, though his face and limbs had a softer, smoother coat of cream. Wing membranes were odd and semi-transparent, a gauzy black in color. His large eyes were a bright green, lively and intelligent. Snug around his neck was a gold collar, with a little ruby attached. It seemed to weigh him down a tiny bit, and if one were to hold the collar, they would find that it was much heavier than it looked. He was a sweet tempered creature, with a taste for sugary things.                                                         

A pale vision, this albino <b>crow</b> was quite handsome. Most of his body was covered in a soft white down, stopping just below his chin. His skin was pale, marred by a few scars here and there, but nothing too extreme. His hair was chin length and golden blond, rarely combed. It gave him a messy, wild look. The underside of his arms were thick with feathers, draping downwards to almost look like wings. However, a pair of small wings only barely capable of carrying him in flight sprouted from his naked back. His legs ended in talons, each "toe" adorned with a sharp claw.                                                                             

All I need out of you is a brief description of your characters personality, and appearance. A reference picture would suit just fine in place of a description of appearance, of course.

Still doin' this, but since I don't have access to furc, jus' PM me plx
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Re: Cheap desc writin'?!
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I'm interested, Whisper me on Holly.

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Re: Cheap desc writin'?!
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Still doin' this

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Re: Cheap desc writin'?!
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