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Author Topic: Attention FAZ's Portrait Artists  (Read 1144 times)


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Attention FAZ's Portrait Artists
«: January 10, 2010, 10:20:40 PM»
For those of you who may not follow FAM or Furcadia's forums, there are new rules being put into place regarding how portraits will be approved.


Since the coding for the new levels of portraits will not be in place until after the new update is released, the only portraits that will be approved right now are the ones that following the new E8 level. The rest will have to wait until after the update and the code is up and working the way it should.

As a heads up to both commissioner and artist, when considering a port please keep in mind that depending on the content you could end up with a portrait that cannot be used on some maps.

If you wish to discuss this, there's a thread on FAM for discussion. If you have any questions about the new rules Furcadia has a thread for that.
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