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Author Topic: Raffle for the dream: Homes  (Read 682 times)

Offline Kandii Kane

Raffle for the dream: Homes
«: January 15, 2010, 11:05:20 PM»
So here is the deal a dream I enjoy going to greatly needs help getting This which keeps the dream up and running to its fullest..
the dream is furc://homes/

So here is what the Raffle is for:
a port by me and Polar

there will be one winner and to enter it is
1sd a "ticket" you may buy as many as you would like to up your chances to win the raffle

how we will pick a name is there is a DS script written by 'Drago Hanter' that we will insert all the names into with the next number in order and roll a dice in the dream which will automatically emit who has won based on a completely random dice roll in the dream we have created for this raffle (:

if you would like to enter you can whisper Rosina(me) or Polar and we will also make a list of who all has entered here (:

the goods::

these are some samples of the work we can do:
I have done: x
and polar:  x x
and together we can create things like this: x
(if anyone steals any of these ports.. fires of hell will rain upon them)

17tickets:  Jey
10ticket: spwee
1ticket: Lose
2tickets: Diamonds
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Offline Teriyaki

Re: Raffle for the dream: Homes
«Reply #1: January 17, 2010, 07:48:48 PM»
Beaut gave me 17SD to enter, so xD
Contacts; Teriyaki.