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Author Topic: Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3  (Read 947 times)

Offline Grumpyskunk

Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3
«: January 17, 2010, 08:55:09 AM»

So, how much would you pay for this port and why? I'd also like some tips on shading hair if you can spare because I love the rest of the port but the hair just seems to be...meh. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

Overall I love this port x3 But still, I'd like to know how I can improve it.

Things I know
(Mostly for myself)
-Lines from hell
-Not my favorite hair shading
-Three fingers ftw.
-Anatomy's off.
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Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3
«Reply #1: January 17, 2010, 11:06:55 AM»
I think you really other-dithered the shading. Also the light source is rather inconsistent as the tops of her breasts are extremely light bleached  and yet her butt also appears to have light shining on it from behind. In all honesty I would only want to pay around $5 because there is still a lot to be done with it in the way of anatomy, shading, and the line art is rather messy. As or hair, yes it is rather a big pain in the butt to make looks right especially since you have only about 5 shades to work with. Hair tends to suffer from pillow shading because of this, but looking at real world examples and looking at other people's work can help you get a feel for how to better work with your hair. I suggest start with a darker shade from the pallet then take the next lightest shade and work out the highlighted areas (these will be larger and less detailed), then go to the next lightest shade and ass a bit of detail within the highlight (this will be smaller but unless your hair is tiny it shouldn't be too small), the next highlight may be your last depending on lighting and total hair size so if it is your last you should highlight it in strands (so very thin lines that follow the contours you worked out for the hair), and then take the next darkest shade from your base and add in some dark shadow detail. You need to keep in min not to pillow shade with this either. If half the hair is in less light then the highlighting shouldn't be nearly as light as the section that is in the light and might even have less detail do to the level of the shadow.
This is an older version of my Sho port (the newer has a secondary color dithered in so it's harder to see the details). It's not like this is the best port ever or the best example of shading but you can see what I mean by "strands" and how some areas should be darker do to light placement and shadows.
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Re: Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3
«Reply #2: January 17, 2010, 12:44:20 PM»
Ah yeah. My intention was to have to light source coming from the upper left corner. As for over-dithering (since I'm assuming that's what you meant), the way I dither just has the darkest and lightest shades and if I have a big patch of light or dark, it tends to do that. I'm still practicing with it x3

I actually thought my anatomy was pretty good but I've logged your comments and they're very helpful x3 Thank you. 5 bucks is what I'm commissioning under right now so I'm not totally off base \o/
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Offline Greek

Re: Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3
«Reply #3: January 17, 2010, 01:20:23 PM»
try fixing the tail, it looks like its coming out her ass.

Offline Hathor

Re: Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3
«Reply #4: January 17, 2010, 01:49:16 PM»
I'll probably sound like I'm blathering randomly in this post, so just a warning. ):

[rant]Saving in .JPG ruins pixel art and isn't helpful for when you want crits, it makes a picture look blurry and crap, which I know is used as a way to turn off thieves, but people trying to help you out will want to see your port in its proper appearance. That's just my opinion, I'm sure others are better at seeing past jpg'd stuff, but saving in .PNG would be nice, the remap will still be protected by that program you use anyway. I just... really hate it when JPG ruins the quality of a piece of art. ):[/rant]

That said, I probably wouldn't pay higher than 3GD, what turns me off the most are your lines. I like your use of coloured lineart, but parts such as where the cleavage starts, and the collar bone, would look even better if blended into the body colour, kinda like how I did on [this] port. Your lines are jaggy in places, like on the arm and the tail, the coloured middle part of the tail looks very uneven. I believe that you can probably improve this port (and others maybe, I've not looked at your gallery yet) a whole lot just by making the lines look smoother. Right now they looked rushed. I strongly suggest that you check out [this] link for advice on lineart, in fact - read the whole tutorial, it's cool, got some info on dithering and shading too!

I'd love to help you out with hands, but I'm not confident with them. Though I do admire you for not just hiding them away like a lot of people do (including myself at times hahaha). I tend to redo them over and over again until they look better. Look at real life references for anatomy and how muscles and shadows look like. Perhaps you can even shrink or zoom out from refs to see what hands or other parts would look like in smaller detail. You should also look at how more advanced port artists do them. Do you sketch out your ports as a large image first and then shrink them down to the 95x95 size when you're ready to start the lines? If you don't, you should try it, as that might help too.

Practice loads, don't just wait for commissions, do gift art for friends or try making premades too.

Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3
«Reply #5: January 17, 2010, 02:38:40 PM»
Yeah, it's never a good idea to "flood fill" with dithering. Even when using it to blend one color on top of another ti can still detract from the work. And when you're shading flood fill dithering just looks bad and grainy. And I'm not entirely sure if this was what you wanted, but right now she has like... size E (yes it exists you can up up to a size L cup) breasts, but they don't curve properly. Look at this
Why yes... she is a double G cup, but even though they are big there is still space between them (cleavage plus some flat chest) and the breasts curve back. In this position, with the current size of her breasts, it should be possible to see part of the underside/side from behind her folded arms.
And yes, listen to Hathor. Just making the lines the same color as the nearby remap does not make it look good. Most lines (aside from the actual outermost outline) should blend properly with the surrounding areas.
Once again, when you look at the port I provided along with Hathor's you can see that we still have details but their aren't just the absolute darkest shade of that remap. They blend properly with the shadows and highlights.
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Re: Pricing/Crit and tips plox? :3
«Reply #6: January 17, 2010, 02:54:06 PM»
You guys are awesome x3 and yeah Hath, I do start off with a large image in photoshop then shrink it down, sharpen it, etc...I think I'm just lazy with the lines, especially when I'm doing a port for myself (which this one was). I definately do gift art to practice and about 75% of the time I just wander around furc giving random people ports xD Mainly because, for most of the things you guys pointed out (Lines, shading, etc.) I don't think I'm quite "ready" for commissions yet.

And yeah, I know boob sizes, I'm a bit up there myself *cough* I wasn't even trying to make them as big as I did since she SUPPOSED to have about a B-C cup but...I have a tendency to doodle big boobies...I think it's just my style xD But yes, taking your advice on their curving and all such things.

As far as hands go, I'll probably go to posemaniacs and practice with their "Hands for drawing" tool. I've been meaning to do it and have...just not gotten around to it.

Definately gonna read over that tutorial. I'm so horrible with making premades, as my mind thinks up ridiculous creatures xD

Hath don't look at my gallery, it's embarrassing >.> xD
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