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Author Topic: The Size Chart!  (Read 1222 times)

Offline Tate

The Size Chart!
«: March 26, 2008, 02:13:59 AM»
This will be a thread where you draw your character in the size chart.

The rules are:
-Draw your fur/persona, ONLY.
-One entry per person.
-You must draw beside the person who drew before you.
-You may not cover up any part of another person's art, or edit any one else's art.
-You may NOT upload it to Photobucket--it must be uploaded to FAZ, and prefferably in .PNG format. NO .JPEG!!! (Both of these are to ensure no one's art is ruined.)
-You may not draw until the person who posted above you draws. If they do not draw within twenty four hours of their post date (unless it was reserving the spot. If reserving the spot, then you may go from the edit date of the person who drew above them), then they are to be skipped, and must try again.

I will start this tomorrow.

If my version does not have enough foot markings, merely add on. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, yourself, ask me to add on, and then you may draw your own.

If you have a program that allows layering, I would suggest drawing your thing first, and then resizing it (if needed, to meet your desired height), and then adding the chart in a layer below the drawing, and adding in your drawing there.

Entries may be colored, but don't have to be.

[/too long of a post.]
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