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Author Topic: Price this sketch and busts?  (Read 618 times)

Offline Noxium

Price this sketch and busts?
«: February 01, 2010, 08:01:08 PM»
Oi...These are so much rougher than something I would do for a paying client.

-twitches- I really need to work my anatomy more and AGH I HATE HOW I DREW THE BAT WINGG GRRRR. -headdesk- Anywho.. price pleeeaaaseee =.= Also, I'm quite versatile on my styles, I will make some feral samples since I'm way better at those..-cringe-

So that's a sketch with some water colour, request I did in about err... 30 or so min?

Pencil bust of one of my own characters

Older bust of a tauren..or it can just be considered a purdy cow :B