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Author Topic: Comments, critiques, redlines, tips?  (Read 1156 times)

Offline Wulf

Comments, critiques, redlines, tips?
«: February 02, 2010, 12:10:40 AM»

I'm -starting- to draw decent hands. Well, at least those actually look like fingers.

ANYWAY. What can I do to make this better?
Any tips you have for me in general?

What I think needs the most work is her right leg (Left in the drawing), and maybe the hair. Hair tips are greatly appreciated.

RIP THIS APART, but please.. be nice and constructive about it!
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Offline Grumpyskunk

Re: Comments, critiques, redlines, tips?
«Reply #1: February 02, 2010, 11:53:06 AM»
The bent leg looks as though it's longer and a bit bigger than the not bent one (Left/Right Fail >.<;) The tail, to me, looks a bit strange, like there should be a bend right beneath her skirt unless it's EXTRA SUPER MEGA fluffy and that doesn't seem to be what you were going for, it looks as though it has no beginning, as if it's just pasted there.

Going by the way her boobs are placed, her belly button is in the wrong place and it flattens the image a bit and creates a disconnect from the upper body and the lower part of the torso. The lines on the sides of her boobs go up a bit too high for my tastes and she has no collar bone >: From the way the skirt is placed on her hips, you should be able to see those little lines that connect the legs to the hips (Right?) I could be TOTALLY off base with all of this, but that's what it looks like to me. Hope it helps ^^

Offline Sedde

Re: Comments, critiques, redlines, tips?
«Reply #2: February 02, 2010, 04:09:49 PM»
I hope you aren't offended by the things I wrote on here -- I don't mean to be mean. :)


And then here's the redlines by themselves (so you can actually see them, haha) -- Feel free to use this as a reference if you choose. BUT don't count on my doodle of the forearm/hand, something about it seems off to me. xP

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Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: Comments, critiques, redlines, tips?
«Reply #3: February 02, 2010, 04:52:42 PM»
The redlines Sedde did are great to help you, but as a side note I really think the neck is way too skinny. The neck needs to be a bit thicker, remember that the neck supports the head and if it is too thin the head will practically crush it.
What you have right now is effectively the spine, throat, glands, and maybe a very small jugular wrapped in thin skin, which is not what a neck is.
See all the muscle that makes up the cervical (neck) region? Your neck is packed with thick muscles to easily support your head, move it around through varying degrees, and protect a lot of vital tissue that lays underneath. This rule applies to all animals (except you know... stuff like starfish.. ).
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Re: Comments, critiques, redlines, tips?
«Reply #4: February 02, 2010, 05:30:29 PM»
since all that was mentioned so far is anatomy/proportions, i'd like to mention line width and variation. you expressed an extremely minimal amount of it. sure proportions are important, but you have to also utilize a sense of balance. even if your anatomy may be a ball park off, good line width and variation makes everything a whole lot more appealing. lines also do a good job at emphasizing different forms and their (visible) edges.

depending on style, there's much artistic liberty in making a lining style "work" for you. generally it's a skill that you pick up with experience.

imo, your lines for this piece appear unnatural and forced.

here's how i'd do it (NOT at all saying that this is the right way, only way): http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/3172/redlinef.png

Offline Wulf

Re: Comments, critiques, redlines, tips?
«Reply #5: February 07, 2010, 06:49:56 AM»
@Sedde - Thanks, that was very helpful! I really appreciate it <3

@Rex - I agree, thanks for pointing that out, I didn't really realize it.

@touru - I realize that about the lines. They wouldn't have stayed so thick. I lined it in thin sharpie, then scanned it in black and white so it'd be pixely and easier to edit. I planned to go over it with the pen tool in photoshop if I used it. Thanks, though!
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