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Author Topic: I have 9GD to blow on art...  (Read 768 times)

Offline Wulf

I have 9GD to blow on art...
«: February 18, 2010, 02:33:14 AM»
Feral or anthro, sketch or colored piece. Portrait. Whatever.

This is Vermouth, who I'd like drawn <3

It doesn't say so on the ref, but she's a mixture of Chodsky Pes (Medium sized, long haired shepherd. Predecessor to the German Shepherd), Flying Fox, Gryffe, and Domestic Feline.

Website, for more images (Including some Anthro) and.. information.

Darkly Insanely cutely crazy. Very hard to explain. She's dominant, obsesses over things that glow or sparkle, she's clingy- a bit of an attention whore. She's the kind of moron that would sit there and poke you incessantly for an hour and when you finally get pissed enough to ask her what she wants, she says "HI!" and laughs hysterically. The kind that will stare at you without blinking until their eye starts twitching. She's a DJ.. Uhh. I think that covers it. God, she reminds me of a serial killer.

Things she's often seen doing
Dancing, wearing overly large headphones, screaming, screaming lyrics in place of singing, staring blankly, breaking open glowsticks and rolling in the contents, flying, Lalala-ing, breaking more glowsticks and flinging the liquid all over the room before turning the lights out, biting herself to get high, yelling at strangers, road raging, stripping and/or streaking, the things listed in her personality description, and generally being a creeper.

I'm not picky on poses at all. You have full artistic freedom.

Please post examples and prices. If you're going to charge more than 9GD, please don't post because.. I don't have it :>
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Re: I have 9GD to blow on art...
«Reply #1: February 18, 2010, 10:20:19 AM»
Here are some of my examples: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=9915.0

For 9GD I'd be willing to do an almost-full-body, I guess. It's 1gd away from what I'd normally charge.

I'm moreso an anthro artist, so I'd be much better with that, but if you like my art that much and want a feral, I can give it a go.